Monday, March 16, 2009

I miss my Grandfather

My Mom called earlier today while I was at work and I didn't have time to talk to her, so I called her back as I drove home to find out what she wanted to talk about. I'm driving 'Deerslayer' and chatting with my Mom about our family. And I tell her that I miss Pap-pa. Pap-pa was her Dad and a very important person in my life. We are talking about him and I'm telling her stories that I know about Pap-pa and we both agree that Lewis Hoxworth was a great man. So I hang up with my Mom and it hits me. It feels like Pap-pa died just yesterday. So I'm driving in rush hour traffic on my way home and tears are rolling down my cheek. I miss my Grandfather.

(this picture is of Pap-pa and some of his buddies on the ship that is taking him to fight in WWII)

David<~~~~~~~~a better person because I knew Lewis Hoxworth!

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