Tuesday, March 24, 2009

The day I met Spiderman!

So I'm heading out to eat Lunch today in the middle of my closing shift and I decide to eat at Micky Dee's. I waltz into the the afore mentioned Fast Food joint and lo and behold there sits Spiderman. Not really Spiderman, but a Dad dressed as Spiderman entertaining the kids at his son's Birthday Party at McDonalds. He's all like "Mind your Mother" and "Be a good boy" to all the kids and the Moms are taking pictures of their kids posing with the guy dressed as Spiderman. So I saunter over to the counter and ask the cashier "When did Peter Parker start working here?" (aren't I a laugh riot?). A couple of the other employees look over at her and she looks confused and turns to the back counter and asks everyone "Is Peter here?" I cannot believe my ears, she does not get the reference. She asks again and some of the other people start laughing. Trying not to laugh, I tell her his last name is Parker. She asks "Is there a Peter Parker working here?" I let her off the hook and tell her that Peter Parker is the secret identity of Spiderman, and she shouldn't worry about it. She laughs and gets on to the other employees for not telling her who Peter Parker was. It's like a gag on Saturday Night Live or something...

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(I snagged this picture off of the Internet, I did NOT take a picture of the dude in McDonalds)

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  1. OK, here is an update. Come to find out this McDonalds has one of their employees dress up as a Super Hero on a slow night to draw kids and their families into their restaurant. Good Idea. I'm just bummed that I missed Wonder Woman...