Monday, March 2, 2009

Countdown to Watchmen!

OK, let me explain to you what I think about The Watchmen. Hands down, it is the best comic book ever written. That says a lot... Maus won a Pulitzer Prize. Swamp Thing/Hellblazer started a whole comic book line. The Dark Knight revitalized a tired character. Kingdom Come featured some of the best artwork ever painted. The Authority stretched the boundaries of storytelling. Hellboy rocks the house. There are SO MANY wonderful comic books. And The Watchmen is the best one of them all. I have been waiting 25 years for this movie to come out. Today at the Store, the Digital Graphic Novel arrived (it goes on sale tomorrow), along with the Soundtrack and the Score. I may purchase the music if the Movie goes well. I will probably buy the Digital Graphic Novel and two of the Movie tie-in books (that is the way I'm wired). I'm also half afraid that the Movie will not do justice to the comic. This comic book was published in 12 issues. Once a month we got to see the next installment, it was excruciating. I will be at the Movie Theater 12:01am on Friday morning to see The Watchmen at the earliest possible moment with some of my buddies. I Can Not Wait.


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