Tuesday, March 31, 2009

birds singing and wind chimes

I was up early this morning walking Snooky at 5AM. The entire Apartment Complex was asleep and we had the whole place to ourselves. Really pleasant morning. So I decided that I was going to sit out on my balconey. I set up my fancy folding chair (it has a built in foot rest), turned on the porch light, wrapped myself and Snooky up in my MIZZOU fleece blanket, and settled in to read 'Tales Of Heresy' (the newest book from The Black Library about the Horus Heresy). So it's really quiet. No sounds except for the birds and the wind chimes. In college I had a class that started at 5am so we could study and identify different bird species by their calls. At 5am it is the Empire of the Birds. So I could hear dozens of different species calling to each other and filling the early morning with song. We also had a slight spring breeze and all the wind chimes in the Apartment Complex were adding in their music to the birds songs. I have 6 wind chimes, I really like how they sound. Three Asian Inspired ones (Temples bells, a large Gong, and a large Bell) and three standard wind chimes by Woodstock Chimes. This is my morning:

It's still and quiet, with birds singing, wind chimes playing in the breeze. A warm dog sleeping in my lap and I'm reading some excellent new Science Fiction. I have a good life...

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