Monday, February 2, 2009

Hello Faithful Readers!

Yesterday Tif and I went to the STL Travel Show, it was much smaller than last year, but still fun none the less. I spent some mula at the Blue Owl Restaurant & Bakery's booth. You can visit them on the Internet here: Later I went over to the gf's parent's house to watch the Super Bowl and eat some shrimp. I fell asleep through most of the last part of the game, only awake during the parts where the Cardinals looked like they might win. I'm watching "Cast A Giant Shadow", it is chuck full of famous Hollywood actors. I need to read some history books on the Israel War I don't think this movie is historically accurate. Today is my first day at work in the new Fiscal Year. We'll see how it goes...

David<~~~enjoyed my first day off in a Month yesterday!

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