Sunday, February 15, 2009


Happy Belated Valentine's Day! Had a big weekend, was off from work Friday AND Saturday! I'm giddy with day's off... Spent all day Friday getting ready for the GF and my big weekend. Visited the Jewelry Store and picked up a pair of Amethyst and Diamond earrings that match the Amethyst and Diamond necklace I bought her two Christmases ago (was originally going to give it to her Christmas but it ended up being a Valentine's Day/Birthday present instead). Ran out and bought some spray roses, regular roses, various other pretty flowers, baby's breath and a really pretty vase that I've had my eye on, and then assembled a flower arrangement for Tif by hand. Snuck that into her place and then took out her trash for extra credit. I also go to clean out an aquarium and redo it for Mustard my tomato frog, and bought crickets and pinkies for all my little faces. Then in the evening after the GF saw the flowers (13th Day Of Valentine's) I gave her "The 14th Day Of Valentine's" gift early so she could wear them out that evening. We had reservations at the Hilton Ballpark (across from the Cardinals Stadium of course) downtown. It was supposed to be Carriage Rides, Chocolate Covered Strawberries, Wine Tasting, Music, and Dinner. It ended up being Massage, Psychic Readings, Wine Tasting, Heavy Appetisers, Music, and Dance Lessons. We ate before we went down because I didn't realize how Heavy the appetisers were going to be (sliced prime rib)... ::shrugs:: We skipped the Psychic Reading and the Wine Tasting of course. The room and the Hotel were nice and I slept like a baby. The next morning we got up and ate a very nice buffet breakfast and then got to watch the daughter of a friend of Tif's compete in an Irish Step Dance Tournament. There were also various traditional Irish Musicians competing (Harps and Irish Fiddles everywhere). All the girls in their costumes were cute as a button but the reliance on the bouncy wigs seemed over the top. I am very proud of my D O G Snooky, she has been sick lately and having problems going in her kennel. But this weekend was a pretty good test of her recent dry behaviour and I am happy to report that Snooky didn't have any accidents in her Kennel all weekend long. It was a bit of a crimp in our Valentine's Day Weekend to keep having to pop back home to let her out, but that is the price you pay to be a dog owner. At one point this weekend while driving around I made the comment, "That is the place where the young people go for Valentine's Day", which pretty much cements me into the "NO LONGER A YOUNG PERSON" category. ::sigh:: Tif and I went to see PUSH at the Movie Theater on Saturday, it's a pretty good flick. I can't wait to see the obvious sequel. I also got to see THE WATCHMEN movie trailer again. I have Geoff for sure going with me and Rayboy and his stepson are a maybe. On Saturday night the GF was a trooper and went out with me to look at Pet shops and a Game Shop before we called it a night. I ran into Chris a buddy of mine at The Miniatures Market and got to catch up on his life. It is early Sunday Morning right now, and I'm sitting her banging away on my laptop watching "Saawariya" a BOLLYWOOD Musical in what I can only assume is performed in Urdu. I work today and tonight the GF and I are going to watch the premiere of THE AMAZING RACE! I love that show...
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