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Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Here is the list of the Countries my Faithful Readers hail from:

United States, United Kingdom, India, Germany, Brazil, Netherlands, Italy, Finland, France, China, Japan, Canada, Norway, Sweden, Romania, Spain, Egypt, South Africa, Chile, Argentina, Australia, Venezuela, New Zealand, Mexico, Philippines, & Greece.

DAVID<~~~~~~so easily entertained!

working on a new poem

blue sky and moonlight

I has some ideas about the play between these two ideas, but now I'm running on empty, I'll work on this poem as things come to me...


Sunday, February 22, 2009

Thursday, February 19, 2009

I work today and then have Friday off

I'm going into work early today, when I have time off I get behind on email and stuff, so I have to have a head start just to catch up.

David<~~~~~~up early!

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

I miss my buddy Pablo

I have tried every avenue that I know of to contact my buddy Pablo, but nothing has worked so far. I have no clue what the problem is.

David<~~~~~~~~~~~~~~Paul's Friend

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

OK, time to clean...

It's official, I am done goofing off and now I have Retro-Active playing on the TV and I'm picking up my place, sorting and doing laundry, and maybe I'll get to the bathroom today too...

::leaps over a tall pile of dark clothes::
UPDATE: Snooky is STILL accident free! And today I will give her a bath (GF approved Vanilla scented), I also have a spritzer to keep her bed and kennel pad smelling fresh between baths. Snooky is a good dog, it's TREAT TIME!

Monday, February 16, 2009

I think I'm going to clean my place this week with my THREE WHOLE DAYS OFF!

Tif has a birthday coming up, but I already gave her a gift, so I think I'll clean my place up as a different kind of present for her. It's kind of messy (like the beach kind of has sand), and I know she'll appreciate the clean apartment. I will enjoy putting everything back where it goes and knocking down the cobwebs. I still have to hang the Tiger Eyes Tif got me for my Birthday in September, I'll take a picture of how it looks in my place once it's up. I'm off Tuesday, Wednesday, and Friday, ain't that fun?

David<~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~Cleaning Kind of a Guy!

Sunday, February 15, 2009


Happy Belated Valentine's Day! Had a big weekend, was off from work Friday AND Saturday! I'm giddy with day's off... Spent all day Friday getting ready for the GF and my big weekend. Visited the Jewelry Store and picked up a pair of Amethyst and Diamond earrings that match the Amethyst and Diamond necklace I bought her two Christmases ago (was originally going to give it to her Christmas but it ended up being a Valentine's Day/Birthday present instead). Ran out and bought some spray roses, regular roses, various other pretty flowers, baby's breath and a really pretty vase that I've had my eye on, and then assembled a flower arrangement for Tif by hand. Snuck that into her place and then took out her trash for extra credit. I also go to clean out an aquarium and redo it for Mustard my tomato frog, and bought crickets and pinkies for all my little faces. Then in the evening after the GF saw the flowers (13th Day Of Valentine's) I gave her "The 14th Day Of Valentine's" gift early so she could wear them out that evening. We had reservations at the Hilton Ballpark (across from the Cardinals Stadium of course) downtown. It was supposed to be Carriage Rides, Chocolate Covered Strawberries, Wine Tasting, Music, and Dinner. It ended up being Massage, Psychic Readings, Wine Tasting, Heavy Appetisers, Music, and Dance Lessons. We ate before we went down because I didn't realize how Heavy the appetisers were going to be (sliced prime rib)... ::shrugs:: We skipped the Psychic Reading and the Wine Tasting of course. The room and the Hotel were nice and I slept like a baby. The next morning we got up and ate a very nice buffet breakfast and then got to watch the daughter of a friend of Tif's compete in an Irish Step Dance Tournament. There were also various traditional Irish Musicians competing (Harps and Irish Fiddles everywhere). All the girls in their costumes were cute as a button but the reliance on the bouncy wigs seemed over the top. I am very proud of my D O G Snooky, she has been sick lately and having problems going in her kennel. But this weekend was a pretty good test of her recent dry behaviour and I am happy to report that Snooky didn't have any accidents in her Kennel all weekend long. It was a bit of a crimp in our Valentine's Day Weekend to keep having to pop back home to let her out, but that is the price you pay to be a dog owner. At one point this weekend while driving around I made the comment, "That is the place where the young people go for Valentine's Day", which pretty much cements me into the "NO LONGER A YOUNG PERSON" category. ::sigh:: Tif and I went to see PUSH at the Movie Theater on Saturday, it's a pretty good flick. I can't wait to see the obvious sequel. I also got to see THE WATCHMEN movie trailer again. I have Geoff for sure going with me and Rayboy and his stepson are a maybe. On Saturday night the GF was a trooper and went out with me to look at Pet shops and a Game Shop before we called it a night. I ran into Chris a buddy of mine at The Miniatures Market and got to catch up on his life. It is early Sunday Morning right now, and I'm sitting her banging away on my laptop watching "Saawariya" a BOLLYWOOD Musical in what I can only assume is performed in Urdu. I work today and tonight the GF and I are going to watch the premiere of THE AMAZING RACE! I love that show...
David<~~~~Romantic Step Dancing Fan Dog Owner Olde Guy Gamer Bollywood/Amazing Race Watching NERD!

Friday, February 13, 2009

OMG it's Friday the 13th, What does that mean?

Nothing. Absolutely nothing. And the Zodiac signs? Nonsense. Walking underneath a ladder? Superstition. Black Cat? ::pets the cat:: It's time to put silliness like this behind us...

David<~~~~likes to think we are a bit more sophisticated that this!

(but knows most of Humanity is one light bulb away from reverting to a tribe of Neanderthals banging rocks together and 'Hooting' at the moon while sitting at the mouth of their cave)

Thursday, February 12, 2009

My new ADAM ANT CD arrived today, the good news just goes on and on and on...

OK, here is what it is like being me...I'm listening to my New ADAM ANT CD, I have the muted Fenton Board of Aldermen Meeting playing on the TV, I'm eating delivered Chinese food and I'm reading news articles on the Internet about the Mother of the Octuplets...

David<~~~~~~~~~~~~Renaissance Man!

Time for BATTLE!

Dons my armour, sits astride my horse, flips down the visor on my helmet, lowers my lance...

David<~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~Metaphoric Knight!

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

On The Eleventh Day Of Valentine's...


(I snuck into the GF's place and wrote a sappy message in 'spirit paint' on the huge mirror in her bathroom that she sits in front of to do her make-up in the morning, heheheeheheheheheheeh)

The folks I work with gave me a gift today

Today the people that I work with gave me a gift. It made me feel really good, and was an affrimation of the kind of job I try to do as their Store Manager. Maybe I'll elaborate what I was given at some point. ::singing:: "Some days are diamonds..."

David<~~~~~~~~~~THE Store Manager!

the invisible post...

Nosey little bugger aren't you?

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Today is the Anniversary of the GF and I...

HAPPY ANNIVERSARY TIF! Tonight we are going to recreate our first date two years ago: eat spaghetti, fall asleep on the couch watching TV, and then drool in her hair. Those were the good ol' days...

David<~~~~~~Lucky Guy!


Bow Wow Wow

Children, I wanna warn ya,

'cos I've been to California

Where Mickey Mouse is such a demon,

where Mickey Mouse is as big as a house

Life is wasted on illusion,

Tom and Jerry's no solution

Evil games for cartoon demons,

Pinocchio's the real boy, look around

And I cry all night,

do you wanna hold me, hold me tight

Do you wanna hold me, oh yeah,

do you wanna hold me, hold me there

Children, you got to hear me,

you've just got to understand me

Love and death ain't no physical thing

'Cos Mickey Mouse he don't wanna know

And I cry all night,

do you wanna hold me, hold me tight

Do you wanna hold me, oh yeah,

do you wanna hold me, hold me there

Do you wanna

And I cry all night,

do you wanna hold me, hold me tight

Do you wanna hold me, oh yeah,

do you wanna hold me, hold me there

And I cry all night,

there ain't no more confusion in the night

There's someone there to tell me what is right

Do you wanna hold me, hold me tight

And I cry all night,

there's only one solution to this life

Is someone there to tell me what it's like

Do you wanna hold me, oh yeah,

do you wanna hold me, oh yeah

Do you wanna hold me, hold me there

Do you wanna hold me, oh yeah... (repeats out)

SIST is a CULT and a DISASTER waiting to happen...

Avraham Cohen

SIST (The Samanta Roy Institute of Science and Technology, formally known as "The Disciples of the Lord Jesus") is a CULT run by Avraham Cohen (who has changed his name twice, the first time from Rama Behera to Sananta Roy and now to the current name he is using). The CULT was started 30 years ago in the Shawano Wisconsin area and began it's life as a Fundamentalist Christian group that was strongly critical of mainstream Christianity (mainly Catholics & Lutherans). SIST has been in the News over it's business dealings in Shawano Wisconsin and the FBI is investigating allegations that the CULT tried to hire a hit man to murder the majority of the Elected Officials of Shawano Wisconsin. I became aware of SIST when one of it's members started posting paranoid ramblings on YouTube...

(this is the link: )

I have also found a website that I can only guess was originally set up to promote the businesses of the CULT which is now completely turned over to more paranoid ramblings. The funniest being that their defense to being labeled a CULT is to respond, "No You Are A Cult"...

(this is that link: )

Another website I found while looking into SIST which is mentioned in several of the lawsuits and news reports...

(that link: )

There are lots of news reports to be found on the Internet about SIST and the ongoing battles between the people of Shawano and the members of this CULT, so I won't link to those, but this is a good site that chronicles the History of SIST...

(last link: )

Why do I care that goofy people in Wisconsin join SIST? Heaven's Gate. Why do I follow news reports about CULTS? People's Temple. Why do I want Law Enforcement to investigate SIST? Branch Davidians. San Diego California, Jonestown Guyana , Waco Texas, and now Shawano Wisconsin? I for one have had enough mass CULT suicides. It's time for the Authorities to quit dancing around and stop the CULT before they line up their tennis shoes at the end of their cots and then pour the Kool-Aid...

Monday, February 9, 2009

This week I get to comp some of the extra time I put in during Christmas...

SOOOOOOOOO, I get three days off. I'm rich! After working for a month straight in January without a day off, I'm not quite sure what to do with myself. Maybe I'll clean my apartment...

David<~~~~~~~~~~~~trying to keep a straight face

Sunday, February 8, 2009

Still getting lots of International Hits

That's cool, but I will count myself a failure until my Journal has a hit from Madagascar or Pitcairn Island...

David<~~~~~~~~~setting the bar kinda high

It's Sunday morning...

GOOD MORNING! It's Sunday and the Amazing Race debuts a week from TODAY! When I think I'm cultured and educated and above the plebeian existence of Wal-Mart America I pause and remember that I absolutly love THE AMAZING RACE, and it keeps me grounded...
David<~~~~~~~~~~~~~HUGE FAN!

Friday, February 6, 2009

The GF just informed me that we are going to the Circus tonight as a combination Anniversary/Valentine's Day gift for me...

Tif bought us tickets to see Saltimbanco, the oldest touring show of Cirque Du Soleil. I am going to see them TONIGHT! I am fired up, I love the Circus. This will be the second Cirque show I have seen. I also saw La Nouba in Orlando. Aren't girlfriends grand? I cannot wait to see the show tonight, I just spent a hour on the Cirque website!

David<~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~Cirque Du Soleil FAN!
UPDATE: The Circus was FANTASTIC! I liked La Nouba better, but they had a permenant venue for their show and that helps. Still...Cirque Du Soleil is by far the best show I have ever had the pleasure of attending (and that includes Two Adam Ant Concerts)...TY Tif!

Nadya Suleman is a NUTJOB...

OK, I'm watching this woman talk and all I hear her say is 'Blah blah blah I'm crazy blah blah blah pay attention to me blah blah blah how can I exploit my children blah blah blah..." There is NO WAY this is going to have a happy ending. I expect to see birth defects, neglect, DFS intervention, scandal and poverty. I would also like to see an investigation of the clinic that enabled this travesty. Jon & Kate Plus Eight just got their first obsessive fan...

David<~~~~worried for her kids, they are helpless victims in their Mother's obsession!
UPDATE: Everyone gets to decide on their own whether to have kids or not, and how many to have and how to raise them. But that doesn't relieve you from the responsibility that goes along with the decisions and that doesn't hide you from the harsh glare of the light of notoriety when you make bad decisions.
UPDATE TO THE UPDATE: Here is Nadya Suleman's website where she requests donations for her family...
Needless to say, I will not be donating any money to support her bad decisions...
David<~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~thinks the State will end up with these children

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

It's the 4th Day of Valentine's...

I am doing something new this year. For the first 14 days of February I'm giving the gf a present and singing a cheesy rip off of "The Twelve Days of Christmas". She loves suprises, and I love her...

David<~Natural Born Romantic

(and I love stuff like this!)

Monday, February 2, 2009

Hello Faithful Readers!

Yesterday Tif and I went to the STL Travel Show, it was much smaller than last year, but still fun none the less. I spent some mula at the Blue Owl Restaurant & Bakery's booth. You can visit them on the Internet here: Later I went over to the gf's parent's house to watch the Super Bowl and eat some shrimp. I fell asleep through most of the last part of the game, only awake during the parts where the Cardinals looked like they might win. I'm watching "Cast A Giant Shadow", it is chuck full of famous Hollywood actors. I need to read some history books on the Israel War I don't think this movie is historically accurate. Today is my first day at work in the new Fiscal Year. We'll see how it goes...

David<~~~enjoyed my first day off in a Month yesterday!

Sunday, February 1, 2009

::sitting in BA watching the room scroll by::

Watching people debate in a chatroom is like watching fist sized stones tumble around in a Clothes Dryer thru the round glass door on the front. Not quite sure of the purpose, but it makes a heck of a racket...

David<~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~a large grey rock