Monday, January 26, 2009



I'll give you three guesses where I'll be on March 6th at 12:01am (and the first two don't count). I cannot wait to see the Watchmen movie. My fear is that they will butcher the BEST Graphic Novel of all time. I will go and see the movie with a positive mindset. I just read an interview from Alan Moore about his beliefs on the Movie Industry. He's nuts. I appreciate his genius as a comic book creator, but he's one free toy short of a Happy Meal. I hope I can talk the gf into going with me, I hope to gather Ray and maybe Geoff too and go as a group. I still have the original Watchmen Watch and a Watchmen Tshirt (that I can no longer fit into). I'm a nerd...
David<~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ALL FIRED UP!

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