Tuesday, January 6, 2009


Hello Faithful Readers,

I returned from my Vacation in Ft. Myers Beach late last night to cold and ice in Missouri. I just sat down after warming up the GF's car for her (she has to brave the closed entrance ramps and the icy stretches of Highway here in St. Louis this morning). I have to pop into my store to sit in on a Conference Call with my Boss and then I'm off to pick up my D O G from Tif's Sister (she was kind enough to watch SNOOKY while I was off galavanting around in Florida). Tif and I had a great time on Vacation. We visited with my Family (especially my new Nephew Conner!). We got to walk on the Beach, pick up Sand Dollars and other pretty treasures. We visited the Edison/Ford Winter Estates. We shopped. We visited Cayo Costa and Cabbage Key. Ate out quite a bit (how is that different from our normal schedule?), and had LOADS of fun in Florida. I have taken lots of pictures and they will be on the Webshots Album shortly. Until then this one will have to do...

DAVID<~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~(did you miss me?)

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