Monday, December 15, 2008

A typical conversation between myself and my dog SNOOKY...


(Snooky runs towards me and sits as close as she can)


(Snooky jumps up onto the sofa on my left side and sits next to me facing away, looking at me over her shoulder desperatly waiting for me to say the word 'treat')

"Are you a good girl?"

(Snooky looks at me with her ears down)

"Good girl?"

(Snooky leans close to smell my breath to find out what I've been eating)

"Are you a good Witch or are you a bad Witch?"

(Snooky spins in a circle and gets excited)

"Are you a good Witch or a bad Witch?"

(Snooky leaps off the sofa and runs towards her rope chewie toy)

"Get it get it get it"

(Snooky vigorously shakes her rope chewie toy)

"Bring it here!"

(Snooky runs over to me without her rope chewie toy and jumps on the sofa)

'Where is it? Where's the toy?"

(Snooky never slows and leaps down off the sofa, runs back to her rope chewie toy and shakes it some more)

"Do you want a treat?"

(Snooky leaps up onto the sofa and thumps me on the chest with her front paws enough to hurt)


(Snooky tries to run up my chest)

"I don't understand you Snooky, what are you trying to say?"

(Snooky drapes herself across my chest and tries to lick my face)

"I don't understand DOG, I wish you could speak English"

(Snooky runs across my lap stomping on all the wrong places and sprints to the kitchen to look at her Doggie Treat jar)

"I don't know what you are trying to tell me!"

(Snooky runs back into the room and thumps the ground in front of me with both of her front paws)

"What do you want?"

(Snooky thumps the ground with both of her front paws)

"Do you want a treat?"

(Snooky runs in a circle around the coffee table, jumps up on the sofa, back down again and makes a 'harumph' sound and thumps the ground with both of her front paws)





"OK, lets get you a treat..."

(Snooky beats me into the Kitchen and spins in circles underneath the Doggie Treat jar)

"Is this it? Is this your treat?"



(Snooky chases the treat I have tossed into the hall, scoops it up on a run and takes it to the living room in front of the TV, lays down, holds the treat down with her front paws and chews off a piece)

"Who's a good girl?"

(Snooky ignores me and eats her treat)

"Who's a good girl?"

(Snooky looks sideways at me as she scarfs down her treat)

"Good girl!"

(Snooky finishs her treat and runs towards me and sits as close to me as she can)

"Are you a good girl?"

and so it goes...

David<~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~needs to buy more Doggie Treats!

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