Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Let me elaborate on FOOTBALL

Most of my friends cannot believe that I am following MIZZOU Football so closely. I don't even know the rules to the game. All during College I had the utmost disdain for Football Players and the mindless Alumni that funded them. ::shrugs:: I miss my buddy Pablo and I suspect that I am replacing my College memories of Paul with generalized MIZZOU hysteria. LOL. In college (at K-State and later at MIZZOU) I had some nasty run-in's with College Football Players and their criminal behavior. Rape, Assualt, Grade fixing, the usual stuff. It is NOT a good idea to live on the Dorm Floor that most of the College Football Players live on, you end up knowing WAY too much. So for years I hated Football players in general because of what I saw go on in College. Now, I'm watching MIZZOU football every time they play and I have stickers on my car... I even went to a game in person (and am planning to see the MIZZOU/Nebraska game next year), just goes to show, you never know...

David<~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~MIZZOU FAN!

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