Thursday, December 4, 2008

I'm off today and I just finished watching "Made In Sheffield". It's a Documentary on the Electronic Music Scene from Sheffield England from the 80's featureing bands like The Human League, ABC, Heaven 17, and Cabaret Voltaire. Speaking of, I'm listening to "Here To Go" by Cabaret Voltaire, and "Don't Argue" is about to start playing on my turntable. Yes, I said turntable, I'm OLDE. I own records, and I still listen to them (some of the recordings I have will NEVER be transferred to CD). It's like being in a time machine, in my head at this very moment I'm dancing in my Dorm Room in Manhattan Kansas and all my college neighbors are convinced that I'm an alien from another planet...those were good times. I did not then, nor do I now, want to be like everyone else. They can have their Def Leppard and Ratt...::keeps dancing in my head::

Yesterday I was talking with the girlfriend on my way home from work and I ended up stuck in traffic at a dead stop near a train overpass and the passing train was SO LOUD. When the traffic started moving again I could see the train in my rear view mirror stretching car after car onto the horizon. I said, "That's why it was so loud, it's hauling coal, a huge long train FULL of coal". The girlfriend replies, "It must be delivering the presents for your Christmas Stocking" ::rim shot::

David<~~~~~~~~~~~~~loves me some Tiffany!

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