Saturday, December 20, 2008

I went by the last KB Toys store in St. Louis last night

Tif was watching her neice last night and after work we took her to the Mills Mall to look at the last KB Toy Store in the STL area. As District Manager I opened this store and it is the last store of my old District to remain open. It is in full Closeout mode and all the toys are currently 40% off. I was worried that I would be upset to see another of my old stores going under but it was ok. Sad but this is part of life. Makes me want to work harder to make sure MY current store is doing well and the people that work there continue to have a job. I work with a good group of people, educated, nice, friendly folks. I work hard to make sure it stays that way. At my store we take care of our Customers and achieve the Company Goals. That is the only employment insurance I can give to my co-workers, and it will have to do.


(and prouder still of what we accomplish at my current store ::wink::)

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