Saturday, November 1, 2008

Halloween was a BLAST!

Tif and I went to 'Fright Fest' at Six Flags last night. OK, it's official ... I'm OLDE! I have always not liked the "negative G" rides, but last night I only rode TWO, count'm TWO rides. The first was Evil Knievel. Evil Knievel is a brand new 'Wooden' Roller Coaster. I'm fat, and everytime we ROARED over a hill and experienced "negative G's" and I rose out of my seat, pressed against the seat restraint and I thought it was going to fail and that I was going to die. Not kidding, it felt like I was going to die. Not funny ha-ha "I'm going to die", Water-boarding "I'm going to die". First and last big ride of the evening. And to add insult to injury, the second ride we rode was a 'kiddie' Haunted Boat ride based on the Scooby Doo series. You ride through on this boat armed with guns and you zap things to make spooky things happen in this Haunted Boat ride. Tif scored WAY higher than I did shooting the bad guys! I'm going to have Tif scan in the picture of us in the Boat and I'll add it to this post later (something is wrong with my scanner). We also had our picture taken when we first walked into the park, I'll attach that'n too... Seriousily, Water-boarding "I'm going to die"...


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