Thursday, November 27, 2008


I just wanted to wish everyone a Happy Holiday and good times with their Friends and Family! Eat Turkey, eat some Ham, but NO STUFFING! Cause eating Stuffing is just wrong...


Monday, November 24, 2008

The GF & I took her neice to the ZOO!

Tif and I took her Neice to the STL ZOO on Sunday. She really likes Elephants. We took her to the Children's Zoo and for a ride on the STL Zoo Railroad. When we returned to the original Train Station someone had stolen Tif's Parent's Graco Stroller. Tif cried and cried she was so upset. We are going to buy a new Stroller for her Parents. This message is for the people that stole the stroller: "The next time you ask yourself why one of your kids is in jail again, think of the day you stole the stroller. The next time someone you love OD's and you have to go to the Hospital, think of the day you stole the stroller. The next time all of your children are removed from your household by DFS, think of the day you stole the stroller..." EVERYTHING BAD THAT HAPPENS TO YOU IN YOUR LIFE IS DIRECTLY RELATED TO THE BAD DECISIONS YOU MAKE. WHEN THE BAD STUFF HAPPENS, IT IS YOUR FAULT!
DAVID<~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~lil bit mad

Thursday, November 20, 2008

Friday, November 7, 2008

I like wind chimes...

I currently have 6 wind chimes hanging out on my balconey. Three traditional ones and three 'Asian' ones. One of the Asian ones is a GONG. The wind must be pretty strong cause I just heard it strike, and it's loud! I'll take some pictures of my wind chimes and post them on here some day, did I mention that I like wind chimes?


The LYRICS to a song by Adam Ant


She's rich, she's powerful
She doesn't want to be a man (do do do do do)
She takes me as she finds me,
like only a woman can-an-an-an yeah-ah
She's tough, but vulnerable, I'd say adoring
I'd like to say we're perfect...
But you know that would be boring
Clap your hands,
pretty baby clap your hands
It's gonna take a little (oh)
Oh oh oh Persuasion
Do do do do do Persuasion
Oh oh oh Persuasion
You know what I mean now
Adore that shape
I really really don't know why
But as long as I live
I just can't help but try
Please don't say you love me,
you saw us in a crystal
Every time you do that
I'm reaching for my pistol
Clap your hands,
pretty baby clap your hands
It's gonna take a little (oh)
Oh oh oh Persuasion
Do do do do do Persuasion
Oh oh oh Persuasion
You know what I mean now
Less about yesterday,
more about forever
Keep it nice and simple,
try not to be clever
It's nice to be right but on this occasion
Less about perhaps, more about Persuasion!
Oh oh oh Persuasion
Do do do do do Persuasion
Oh oh oh Persuasion
You know what I mean now

by Adam Ant

Thursday, November 6, 2008

Tif bought us tickets to see MIZZOU play K-State this weekend for my Birthday (Go ME!). I am very fired up about seeing this game. I am off today and took SNOOKY to get her nails and hair done (she's currently wearing a bow that the ladies at PetsMart put on her collar), and shopped for a Kennel to board my dog at this weekend. So my D O G smells good and we are a go for MIZZOU! I am downloading a bunch of pictures I found on the Internet, I will take a BUNCH of pictures from this weekend's safari...


David<~~~~~~~~~never thought I'd be like this!

Funny Video!

If I get a cat I'm going to name it ...

We sold out of Newspapers at work...

We sold out of every single Newspaper at work yesterday. Everyone wanted a 'hard copy' of the News to save to show their Grandkids. It is a good day in America. I am very proud of my fellow voters, the correct decision was made. Here is what 'I hope' for my Government. I HOPE that Obama doesn't let the EXTREME LEFT make life miserable for the Conservatives of America. I HOPE that Obama keeps his policies "Moderate" and governs for the WHOLE of America, and NOT the crazies in the Democratic Party. I HOPE that everyone sees that the last eight years shows us what happens when a President lets the crazies/BIG BUSINESS/special interest groups in his Party run the Government. I would not wish that on anyone, even Republicans...

DAVID<~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~Conservative Liberal!

(you say 'Potato', I say 'Moderate')

Tuesday, November 4, 2008


I HOPE EVERYONE BRAVED THE LINES AND VOTED TODAY! Tif and I were in line at our Polling place at 5am and was in and out and at work at 6:30am! Gotta love America! OBAMA! OBAMA! OBAMA!


Sunday, November 2, 2008

Who is this strange person?

The journal is dead...


Saturday, November 1, 2008

Halloween was a BLAST!

Tif and I went to 'Fright Fest' at Six Flags last night. OK, it's official ... I'm OLDE! I have always not liked the "negative G" rides, but last night I only rode TWO, count'm TWO rides. The first was Evil Knievel. Evil Knievel is a brand new 'Wooden' Roller Coaster. I'm fat, and everytime we ROARED over a hill and experienced "negative G's" and I rose out of my seat, pressed against the seat restraint and I thought it was going to fail and that I was going to die. Not kidding, it felt like I was going to die. Not funny ha-ha "I'm going to die", Water-boarding "I'm going to die". First and last big ride of the evening. And to add insult to injury, the second ride we rode was a 'kiddie' Haunted Boat ride based on the Scooby Doo series. You ride through on this boat armed with guns and you zap things to make spooky things happen in this Haunted Boat ride. Tif scored WAY higher than I did shooting the bad guys! I'm going to have Tif scan in the picture of us in the Boat and I'll add it to this post later (something is wrong with my scanner). We also had our picture taken when we first walked into the park, I'll attach that'n too... Seriousily, Water-boarding "I'm going to die"...