Wednesday, November 21, 2007

I am watching a documentary on PeTA

I am watching a documentary called "I am an Animal: Ingrid Newkirk".  It's an insider's view of PeTA as they plan illegal activities.  Ingrid Newkirk is a mentally unbalanced woman.  She is violent and dangerous.  PeTA conducts 'investigations' (which they have NO right to do).  They trespass on private property.  They vandalize private property.  They steal private property.  PeTA is an evil organization.  They demean the suffering of the people that died in the Holocaust.  They demean the suffering of the slaves.  They lie about what they do.  They provide support to domestic terrorist groups (ALF, etc).  No one should support PeTA, do not donate money to this shadow organization.  The major players of PeTA are glory hounds, who love to get their picture in the News first and foremost.  "PeTA by day, ALF by night" (I had never heard that before, and it rings of the truth to me).  PeTA lies about animal treatment in the Circus. PeTA is a horrible organization, and I will oppose what they do till the day that I die.  PeTA is against the ownership of pets, if they had their way no one could have a pet dog or a cat.  Indgrid Newkirk is a nutjob and should be stopped.  I cannot even keep a coherent stream of conscious I am so upset by what they do.  If PeTA told me that the sky was blue, I would assume they were lying...



                            DAVID<~~~~~~~~~~~animal lover!




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