Wednesday, September 5, 2007

I guess I'm not done making new friends...


Generally speaking, I don't like smokers.  I don't trush people that are dependent on something dangerous to feel normal.  I question their judgement.  I also don't like litterbugs, and as I have previousily stated...

All smokers are litterbugs!

I'm not trying to debate, I'm just stating a fact.  Any smoker that says they have never tossed a cigarette butt onto the ground is a liar.  ::shrugs::  Dirty habit.  Can you tell I pick up cigarette butts off of the sidewalk in front of my store?  Smokers also sit their lit cancer sticks on ledges and burn little reminders of their addiction into stone.  Smoking is gross. 


I am done making general statements about other people.  And know what?  I don't need permission to tell the truth.

























                                                 (it's tiring being morally superior, I need an Asst to help me carry

                                                      the burden.  Anyone want to work while I'm on vacation?)




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