Wednesday, August 1, 2007

My second day off in a row!

I'm sitting here in an undershirt and my Koi boxer shorts on my leather sofa watching "Message in a Bottle".  On my right is my Tomato Frog "Mustard" and my Albino Chocoan Horned Frog "Mr. Grinch".  On my left are "Mr. and Mrs. Walenda" my two Flying Geckos in my Eco Terra Vivarium.  I have been putting my things where they go and my Apartment is looking much better.  Last night I found a website that sells Asian Horned Frogs and Tomato Frogs.  I have been working on my Imperial Guard Army List (the one based on the Royal Regiment of Wales) on my laptop all morning long, and I have a glass of McAlister's Sweet Tea to sip, it's a good day...







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