Thursday, February 8, 2007

My "Forest Elf" is on vacation

I have a "Forest Elf" stand up that I keep folded up underneath my desk at work.  It was part of a promotion in my "Children's Dept", and I keep meaning to take it home with me.  It's sat under there for a long time and I forgot about it.  The other day I noticed it was missing and I thought "Great, someone threw it away".  I called my ASM and asked her where it went and she sheepishly told me that my Head Cashier has it with her on her Honeymoon and is going to set it up in various places and take pictures like the "Forest Elf" is on vacation.  Great.  Now I have to act surprised when it arrives back in my Office and they present me with the pictures.  I'd have rathered it never left underneath my desk..


David<~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~not so good at stuff like this



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