Friday, February 16, 2007

I have my Forest Elf back

My ASM told my Head Cashier to bring the Forest Elf back because she knew it was bugging me.  It has several new tears and bad folds now and the support brace in the back is broken.  I took it out of my office where it reappeared and now have it in the back seat of my car.  I'm going to try and fix it and see if it will still "stand up" like it's supposed to.  I know they didn't take it to hurt my feelings. And I have been told by someone who is important to me who was at the party that they were just having fun.  But it does bug me.  It feels to me like when the idiots I used to hang around with in Mahattan KS (an awful town to live in BTW) took my baseball cap and set it on fire.  Different people, different time...


                                               David<~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~trying to let it go





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