Wednesday, February 14, 2007



A man of grey,
lives in the world today,
and he holds a secret.
He keeps it close,
safe near it's host,
his see-thru heart of clay.

Fired in the furnace,
polished and burnished,
with it's bright red coat of glaze.

If you hold it up right,
and peer thru the light,
the world seems almost ok.

Happy and carefree,
or so it seems to be,
till you notice the fray.

The missing pieces,
the fracture increases,
and it gives the repairs away.

He didn't hold on tight,
and it wasn't always right,
and sometimes it had it's way.

Leaping too soon,
his heart carried the tune,
and jumped to unhearing women.

He saw his love discarded,
unheard and disregarded,
much to his heart's dismay.

He winced at the sound,
of it breaking on the ground,
his see-thru heart of clay.

He knew what to do.
and reached for the jar of glue,
to mend it once again. 

He griped it tight,
it set thru the night,
and it almost seemed ok.

He tries to use more care,
a perfect heart it seems is rare,
and his has seen some changes. 

He's kept it on his sleeve,
not as safe as you'd believe,
and sometimes it got broken.

He's kept it locked away,
his see-thru heart of clay,
and it strained at the treatment.

Wishing to be free,
wanting the world to see,
the colors that it reflected.

He holds it up high,
so the light catches the eye,
revealing all his inner feelings.

All the fears and the worries,
all the love and the stories,
everything that he has to give.

You see I am the man of grey,
that lives in the world today,
and I hold a secret.

I have something here,
a treasure that I hold dear,
wouldn't you like to see it?

I'll reveal it to you this one time,
so you can hear it's shining rhyme,
this is what I have to show you.

My secret heart.
My imperfect heart.
My see-thru heart of clay.

(by David Austin Smith)


DAVID<~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~a lucky guy!



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