Wednesday, December 19, 2007

5 Car Pile Up On 270

I was in a car accident last night.  I am OK.  My car isn't.  I was the 3rd car in a 5 car crunch in the middle lane of 5 lane I-270.  I was on my way to pick up some pinkies for Mr. Grinch.  Tif came by and I followed her back to my Apartment.  Any day you walk away from an accident is a good day...

Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Interesting behaviors

Mr. and Mrs. Walenda are hanging out next to their eggs, I think they are guarding them...

Friday, December 14, 2007

Mrs. Walenda laid two eggs in her vivarium...

     Last night my GF came over so we could go see some Boston Terrier puppies.  I'm standing there and I notice two little white spheres glued to the side of the Asian Vivarium.  It seems that Mr. and Mrs. Walenda might be parents.  When I noticed it I was dumbfounded.  I was elated and sad at the same time.  I immediatly knew they were gecko eggs and I immediatly knew that the side of the Vivarium was a poor place for them to develop.  I just had my hands at the side of my face and didn't say anything.  My GF thought I had lost my mind.  It's possible that the eggs might hatch, but it's not likely.

     So then we left for our appointment with the lady that had the Boston Terrier puppies.  We got lost trying to find her house.  Then we got lost again.  We finally found her place, it is real close to downtown and not in a good neighborhood.  She had three male puppies and their father for sale.  The father did not have good markings, was too large, and his snout was incorrect for a Boston Terrier.  So I'm not interested in buying him.  His puppies were great.  The biggest one had  great markings and was a lot of fun to play with.  That puppy is the one I'm interested in.  I'm not going to run off and buy the first puppy I run across.  This is an important decision and I'm taking my time...


  David<~~~~~love Boston Terriers!



Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Here's a joke I heard today...

                      Question:  What did george bush get on his  SAT's?


















                                                                Answer:  BBQ sauce



Sunday, November 25, 2007

Wednesday, November 21, 2007

I am watching a documentary on PeTA

I am watching a documentary called "I am an Animal: Ingrid Newkirk".  It's an insider's view of PeTA as they plan illegal activities.  Ingrid Newkirk is a mentally unbalanced woman.  She is violent and dangerous.  PeTA conducts 'investigations' (which they have NO right to do).  They trespass on private property.  They vandalize private property.  They steal private property.  PeTA is an evil organization.  They demean the suffering of the people that died in the Holocaust.  They demean the suffering of the slaves.  They lie about what they do.  They provide support to domestic terrorist groups (ALF, etc).  No one should support PeTA, do not donate money to this shadow organization.  The major players of PeTA are glory hounds, who love to get their picture in the News first and foremost.  "PeTA by day, ALF by night" (I had never heard that before, and it rings of the truth to me).  PeTA lies about animal treatment in the Circus. PeTA is a horrible organization, and I will oppose what they do till the day that I die.  PeTA is against the ownership of pets, if they had their way no one could have a pet dog or a cat.  Indgrid Newkirk is a nutjob and should be stopped.  I cannot even keep a coherent stream of conscious I am so upset by what they do.  If PeTA told me that the sky was blue, I would assume they were lying...



                            DAVID<~~~~~~~~~~~animal lover!




Thursday, November 15, 2007

I look for beauty wherever I go

Right now I have THE CONCERT IN CENTRAL PARK playing on my TV.  Simon and Garfunkel's Reunion Concert from the 80's makes my heart glad.  I'm sitting here on my sofa looking over the top of my laptop at the Autumn sun shining thru the red leaves of the tree outside my apartment.  The wind is blowing and earlier I was sitting out on the balcony barefoot and it was really nice.  The other night my girlfriend was sitting next to me on the sofa and we were watching the TV and she 'quick as a bunny' leaned over and licked the cookie I was eating.  She laughed and laughed.  I look for beauty in everything I do.  Whether its the mischievous twinkle in my girlfriend's eyes.  The swaying cascade of colors in a tree decked out in it's fall colors.  Or the simple truth in the lyrics of a song that I love.  Beauty is everywhere, you only have to look...


                      I have a good life...





Wednesday, November 14, 2007





The list goes on and on.  Which is worse?  The person claiming secret knowledge preying on the gullible or the person that is so gullible that they look for someone to lie to them?  If David Koresh had never lived, the Branch Davidians would have found someone else to claim to be the Messiah.  If Kevin Trudeau hadn't written his books, people would have found someone else to give their money too.  If Silivia Browne never made claim one about talking to the dead, they would watch someone else on Montel Williams.  Benny Hinn knows people best...THE SHEEP MUST BE SHORN!  Think people, nothing is worse than willingly giving away your free will.  Nothing is sadder than someone who embraces ignorance.  Is the unknown that scary?  Is it better to believe a lie than to be uncertain?  Is it better to give your wives and children to David Koresh to have sex with and latter to burn to death than to live with not knowing?  It sickens me...


David<~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~PROUD ATHEIST!



Sunday, October 28, 2007

Just got back from the STL Herp Show

DAVID<~~~~~~~First in line!


     The Herp Show was fun.  I picked up a feeder colony of Lateralis Roaches (Blatta Lateralis) and two Madagascar Hissing Cockroaches (to keep as pets).  I also snagged two stems of Sumrong tropical fruit pods to decorate my Asian Vivarium.  They are cool looking!  OK, my girlfriend is standing here waiting for me to finish so we can to eat some chili at her parent's house, time to chew!






Wednesday, October 24, 2007

I'm looking for my buddy Paul






Thursday, October 11, 2007


for the record, I have my journal on AOL, that is the only reason that I stay with AOL, AOL is the most incompetent internet service that you can chose, AOL sucks, no one else should pay for AOL, if you can, cancel your subscription, I don't wish AOL to fail, because then I'd lose my journal, but I do hope that the upper management of AOL gets a rash, a really bad rash, that spreads to their face and that itches all the time so they cannot sleep and is contageous so that no one will want to be near them, then I hope worse things happen to them, they suck, their company sucks, I don't know how they live with themselves...



Wednesday, September 26, 2007

I'm back from Florida...

First I attended my National Store Manager's Meeting in Orlando, then my gf arrived and we spent a day and a half in Orlando, and finally we spent 4 nights at my Grandmother's house on Estero Island...


Tweedle Dee, Tweedle Dave, and Tweedle Dum


David and Tif at SeaWorld (it was a blast)


Thought about taking up fishing...


I really had fun on my Vacation, the best part was showing my gf around SW Florida.  Thank you Tif for making my Vacation memorable!

Wednesday, September 12, 2007

It's that time of the year again!

OK, it's that time of the year again.  I leave for my National Meeting this Sunday.  Tom Brokaw is our main speaker.  I'll return with new ideas for my store and lots of free books and cd's.  I'm staying in Ft. Myers for a bit of a vacation afterwards with me girl.  I miss her she has been on vacation with her folks.  I get to spend another one of my Birthday's at a Meeting.  It happens more often than not because Sept is Hurricane season and those are the cheap Hotel rates in Florida.  ::shrugs::  My lot in life.  I'm watching "Kinky Boots", it's a great movie, everyone should watch it.  I'm sick.  I'm complaining.  I should go to bed.



David<~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~squirting sore throat medicine into my mouth!




Saturday, September 8, 2007

Good News, Bad News...



David<~~future Uncle!

(I'd like to introduce my Nephew...SPECK!)





David<~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~missing my sweetie





Wednesday, September 5, 2007

I lied

(the sound of cicadas makes me happy, it reminds me of Summers at Pap-pa's house)

OK, last one for tonight...

my hair is too long time for a flat top...

I guess I'm not done making new friends...


Generally speaking, I don't like smokers.  I don't trush people that are dependent on something dangerous to feel normal.  I question their judgement.  I also don't like litterbugs, and as I have previousily stated...

All smokers are litterbugs!

I'm not trying to debate, I'm just stating a fact.  Any smoker that says they have never tossed a cigarette butt onto the ground is a liar.  ::shrugs::  Dirty habit.  Can you tell I pick up cigarette butts off of the sidewalk in front of my store?  Smokers also sit their lit cancer sticks on ledges and burn little reminders of their addiction into stone.  Smoking is gross. 


I am done making general statements about other people.  And know what?  I don't need permission to tell the truth.

























                                                 (it's tiring being morally superior, I need an Asst to help me carry

                                                      the burden.  Anyone want to work while I'm on vacation?)




A day in the life...

My girlfriend leaves this Friday to go on vacation with her family.  David<~~sad.  My work is going very well.  I am leading my District in Comp Sales (current sales vs last year's sales).  I am in second place in Plan Sales (the amount of sales the Company wants you to make).  I believe I am now tied for second place in Secret Shops year to date.  My store looks great.  On the way home from work tonight I stopped at a gas station and bought a microwave burger.  Driving home I accidently squirted some onion relish out of the burger onto my shirt.  I pulled the spill up to my mouth and licked it right off.  My shirt now smells like onions.  I like the way it smells.  When my Grandfather was dying, his eardrum got perferated during an operation.  So he couldn't hear so good out of one ear.  When my relationship with Mary was falling apart, I called Pap-pa and tried to tell him about it.  I was very upset and had a hard time telling him.  He couldn't hear me over the phone and eventually I gave up because it was too hard to tell him.  A couple of months later when he heard it from relatives he turned to me and started crying and said to me.  "You tried to tell me."  He felt so bad, like it was his fault.  It makes me cry even now thinking about how much I miss Pap-pa.  I have popcorn kernels stuck in my teeth.  I bought Kettle Corn at the Air Show on Labor Day.  I was hoping to run into my buddy Pablo there.  I do not have his new phone number so I cannot call him.  I need to call his brother here in town and get his new number.  I don't have many friends, I keep people at arm's length.  No one can hurt you if you don't let them get close.  I am a rock.  I am an Island.  Polite applause.  Fade to black...



Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Tuesday, August 14, 2007

I had a good weekend!



This weekend was a lot of fun.  On Saturday I took my girlfriend to MIZZOU to show her my old stomping grounds.  I don't think I could have picked a hotter day of the year to goose march her around Downtown Columbia Missouri.  On Sunday I attended a local Reptile Show and picked up a baby Solomon Island Eyelash Frog.  I named him "Santa".  His relative is pictured here. 


Santa is a pale translucent white, you can see some of his internal organs thru his skin.  I have him in a temporary plastic Vivarium untill I can fatten him up some, then he is going in with Mr. and Mrs. Walenda.  I decided to do an "Asian" Vivarium (Malaysia and the Solomon Islands).  The other Vivarium (to be purchased at a latter date), will be my "Madagascar" Vivarium.  My frog family continues to grow...








Monday, August 6, 2007

Mustard is a greedy little piggie...

My little Tomato Frog 'Mustard' is eating pinkie mice already.  The other day I dropped one in front of his little coconut hut and he struck at it so fast it scared me and I yelped.  Today I put two in front of him and he ate them both.  He used his front legs to stuff the last pinkie down his throat.  Two pinkies are almost too big for his stomach.  The good thing about frogs is that they will eat ANYTHING they can fit into their mouths.  He is growing so fast.  I saw two other Tomato Frogs from the same spawning as Mustard, and he is three times their size!  This Sunday I am attending a Herp Show and plan to pick up two Solomon Island Leaf Frogs.  My family is growing...



David<~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~Proud Frog Pappa



Friday, August 3, 2007




I found a website that sells cypress knees and another one that that makes custom vivariums that double as coffee tables.







Thursday, August 2, 2007

I found an alternative

I ordered an Asian Leaf Frog from California that arrived dead.  It bothered me.  I really enjoy the quirkiness and challenge of owning Herps but I take the responsibility seriousily.  I do not know what killed my Leaf Frog.  The only thing I can control is whether or not I have them shipped to me.  Soooo...  I'm not ordering the Malaysian Leaf Frog from Houston that I found on the internet the other night...




I found a local breeder that has tadpoles of the Solomon Island Leaf Frog, very interesting YELLOW animals.  So I'm going to rethink my 'Malyasian' Vivarium to an 'Asian' Vivarium, and I'll probably switch my 'Madagascar' Vivarium to an 'African' Vivarium to boot...  At this very moment I'm watching "Willie Wonka & The Chocolate Factory", Gene Wilder is about to sing as they enter 'The Chocolate Room".  It's my favorite part, I like it, it reminds me of how I live my life...



                          "What is this Wonka, some kind of Funhouse?"  "Why, are you having fun?"



                                                    David<~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~a big kid at heart!














Wednesday, August 1, 2007

My second day off in a row!

I'm sitting here in an undershirt and my Koi boxer shorts on my leather sofa watching "Message in a Bottle".  On my right is my Tomato Frog "Mustard" and my Albino Chocoan Horned Frog "Mr. Grinch".  On my left are "Mr. and Mrs. Walenda" my two Flying Geckos in my Eco Terra Vivarium.  I have been putting my things where they go and my Apartment is looking much better.  Last night I found a website that sells Asian Horned Frogs and Tomato Frogs.  I have been working on my Imperial Guard Army List (the one based on the Royal Regiment of Wales) on my laptop all morning long, and I have a glass of McAlister's Sweet Tea to sip, it's a good day...







David<~~just found an importer of Asian Leaf Frogs!

I just found a site on-line that sells Asian Leaf Frogs, I am fired up!  I just found a site on-line that sells Asian Leaf Frogs, I am fired up!  I just found a site on-line that sells Asian Leaf Frogs, I am fired up!  I just found a site on-line that sells Asian Leaf Frogs, I am fired up!  I just found a site on-line that sells Asian Leaf Frogs, I am fired up!  I just found a site on-line that sells Asian Leaf Frogs, I am fired up!  I just found a site on-line that sells Asian Leaf Frogs, I am fired up!  I just found a site on-line that sells Asian Leaf Frogs, I am fired up!  I just found a site on-line that sells Asian Leaf Frogs, I am fired up!  I just found a site on-line that sells Asian Leaf Frogs, I am fired up!  I just found a site on-line that sells Asian Leaf Frogs, I am fired up!  I just found a site on-line that sells Asian Leaf Frogs, I am fired up!  I just found a site on-line that sells Asian Leaf Frogs, I am fired up!  I just found a site on-line that sells Asian Leaf Frogs, I am fired up!  I just found a site on-line that sells Asian Leaf Frogs, I am fired up!  I just found a site on-line that sells Asian Leaf Frogs, I am fired up!  I just found a site on-line that sells Asian Leaf Frogs, I am fired up!  I just found a site on-line that sells Asian Leaf Frogs, I am fired up!  I just found a site on-line that sells Asian Leaf Frogs, I am fired up!  I just found a site on-line that sells Asian Leaf Frogs, I am fired up!  I just found a site on-line that sells Asian Leaf Frogs, I am fired up!  I just found a site on-line that sells Asian Leaf Frogs, I am fired up!  I just found a site on-line that sells Asian Leaf Frogs, I am fired up!  I just found a site on-line that sells Asian Leaf Frogs, I am fired up!  I just found a site on-line that sells Asian Leaf Frogs, I am fired up! 


                                      David<~~~~~little bit excited (can you tell?)



(if you pull on the right margin of the box this journal entry sits in the red letter will line up vertically, David<~~nerd)



Friday, July 27, 2007

Common sense is not all that common



I wear them every time I ride in a car...


(I was in a roll-over car crash)




"I once heard about a guy that attended college with a man that got a speeding ticket from a Cop who read about a girl who had a pizza delivered from this teenager that knew this kid who had a friend in grade school whose older sister worked with a lady whose boss had an artificial leg that was made by this doctor (so he should know) whose Grandfather had a dream about somebody that might have died in a car wreck if they had been wearing a seatbelt, so of course I don't wear seatbelts because they are unsafe"


Everyone is entitled to their own opinions, but no one is entitled to their own facts. 

There is the truth and there are lies. 

Black and White. 

No debate.



Seatbelts save lives


People that do not wear their seatbelts are risking their lives.


(OH, while I am making absolute statements)








































                                                 David<~~~~~~~~~~making new friends!



















Friday, July 13, 2007

I love St. Louis...


We consume more barbecue sauce per capita than any other city in the United States here in St. Louis...

The first Lung Cancer operation and the first Lung Transplant were performed in St. Louis...

7-UP was invented in St. Louis...

The Ice Cream Cone and Iced Tea was invented in St. Louis...

The largest collection of mosiac art in the world graces the walls and ceilings at the Cathedral Basilica of St. Louis...

T. S. Eliot, Maya Angelou, William Gass, Tennessee Williams, and Eugene Field are all from St. Louis...

James Buchanan Eads built the first bridge using steel truss construction here in St. Louis...

St. Louis Art Museum, St. Louis Zoo, Cahokia Mounds, Museum of Westward Expansion, St. Louis Science Center, Missouri History Museum, Grant's Farm; all major attractions and all free here in St. Louis...

Susan Blow founded the first Kindergarten here in St. Louis...

Peanut Butter was invented by George Carver here in St. Louis...

Chuck Berry, Tina Turner, Miles Davis, Albert King, David Sanborn, and Michael McDonald are all from St. Louis...

The Mercury, Gemini and Apollo space capsules were built here in St. Louis...

The World's first skyscraper, the Louis Sullivan's Wainwright Building, was built in 1897 here in St. Louis...

The Nation's first Interstate Highway was constructed here in St. Louis...

John Goodman, Kevin Kline, Scott Bakula, Josephine Baker, Betty Grable, Vincent Price, Buddy Ebsen, Redd Foxx, Shelly Winters, Virgina Mayo, and Marsha Mason are all from St. Louis...

The Nation's tallest man-made monument, The Gateway Arch, is here in St. Louis...

The bread slicer was invented here in St. Louis...


And the best part about St. Louis?




















       David<~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~lives in St. Louis!



Tuesday, July 10, 2007



























                                                                           i'm sleepy...



































Sunday, July 8, 2007

This here's the story 'bout a man named...

Yesterday was a good day.  I have been off work for the past four days and it's been a nice break for me.  Yesterday I woke up early because I wanted to see the lights on my new Vivarium change over from the night time system to the day time system.  I acquired two flying geckos (a male AND a female) I haven't named them yet, I'm thinking about Mr. and Mrs Walenda.  Anyway that's how my day started with the successful transition of my lighting system.  I spent the rest of the morning opening boxes from my move and putting books into piles...Fiction, Bio, Wild West, Supernatural, Graphic Novels, UK, WWII, History, Herps, etc...made a huge mess on my living room floor.  Tiffany picked me up and we went to Johnnie Brocks to look at Harry Potter costumes for my upcoming HP7 Party at work.  Then we drove downtown for the rest of the day.  We planned to park at the Jefferson Memorial Parking Garage as a base for our day's events.  As we pulled up to the automatic ticket dispensing machine at the entrance to the parking garage a Japanese tourist jumped in front of Tiffany and stole our parking ticket.  The gate went up to let us into the Garage but without a ticket we would be charged for the whole day ($10 instead of $6).  Tiff couldn't back up to reset the pressure switch in the floor because of the line of cars behind us.  I was very mad at the Japanese tourist.  So we walked to the Parking Garage exit to explain things to the attendants.  The supervisor gave us a handwritten ticket so that cleared things up.  We left our cooler and padded chairs in the car and hoped the Metro down to Union Station for Dinner.  Union Station is going downhill just like most of the Malls in St. Louis.  There are too many of them and the vacancy rates are 60% and they have a lot of Mom & Pop shops.  We ate at Landry's Seafood and walked the mall.  Tiff bought an eye glass repair kit (she lost her screw), and I bought a mechanical butterfly (I didn't lose my screw).  We rode the Metro back down to the Arch and stood in line to use the restrooms underneath the Arch in the Museum.  I popped into the 'Mercantile Store' to pick up a Phrenology Bust that I had seen but I didn't buy it (after looking at the price I remembered why I didn't buy it during my last visit).  We walked over to the site of the evening's concert to see how many people were already waiting and it was starting to fill up, there was no notices posted about coolers so we walked back to the Parking Garage to get it and our padded seats.  As we arrived back at the concert site they had erected signs stating the rules of the "Celebrate St. Louis" concert series.  Rule #1:  No Coolers.  So Tiff headed down the steps to snag a good seat for us and I hauled the forbidden cooler back to the Parking Garage.  When I got back Tiff had grabbed us some great seats eye level with the stage just a hair off of center (missing the green tent erected to shade the Sound Mixing equipment).  The opening act of the concert was R. Scott Brian (he used to play with Sheryl Crow).  He was pretty good.  I walked around and looked at the concessions area at the concert and every time I passed Tiff I tried to get her attention to wave at her but fate intervened each time.  Emmylou Harris started her concert at 8PM and she was great.  She sang some of her stuff, some of George Strait's stuff, some of the stuff from her 'All The Roadrunning' duets with Mark Knoffler, some of the 'Oh Brother Where Art Thou' stuff, some of Neil Young's stuff, and some Paul Simon's stuff.  It was a great time.  After she finished they had fireworks on the river in front of the Arch.  When we got back to the Parking Garage we discovered that they were letting people just leave without paying so earlier I worried about 4 bucks and I ended up paying nothing at all to park.  We left and headed back to the Apt Complex.  We stopped at Lion's Choice because I had a craving for BBQ (and I'm not even pregnant).  It was a good day.  Tiffany is a great girlfriend...



                                                           David<~~~~~~~~LUCKY GUY!






Wednesday, June 20, 2007









                                                                           i'm hungry










Tuesday, June 19, 2007

David<~~~~~~feeding my frogs!

I am SLOWLY putting things away in my new place.  I stopped at two pet shops on the way home from work.  I picked up crickets for "Mustard" (my yellow Tomato Frog) at one, and TWO rat pinkies for "Mr. Grinch" (my albino Chocoan Horned Frog).  I am sitting here on my couch watching Cable.  Shoot me now...



Saturday, June 16, 2007

I'm hosting my parents this weekend...

David & Tiff at the Rehersal Dinner...

Flower Girl...  (those are my feet on the left)

Dana and Mark...

I think my Brother is in TROUBLE!

The Wedding Cake, the seashells are white chocolate (yummy!)




My folks are visiting me this weekend.  They took Mam-ma's furniture down to her new place in Florida & then visited my brother Mark and his new Wife Dana in Atlanta.  I have them Friday night and all day Saturday, they leave for TX on Sunday morning.  Mark sent his Wedding Photos with them and I have loaded them onto my laptop and they are displayed at the topof this page.  I am waiting for them to mosey on over here from their Hotel room (lazy layabouts slept in).  Tiff gets off at noon and we all are going to Kimswick to eat a late lunch and stroll around the Antique Shops.  We will prolly hit a Museum or the Botanical Gardens later on this evening...


                   DAVID<~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~tour guide




Thursday, June 14, 2007

I'm all moved into my new Apartment!



DAVID<~~~~~~~~~~~~in my new Apartment!




Thursday, May 10, 2007

Last Saturday we held a Poetry Slam in my Store!

     We invited all the kids from surrounding School Districts to submit a poem in our Poetry Contest held in honor of Poetry Month.  We had 25 semi-finalists and only 3 didn't show up to read their poems in front of Friends/Family and B&N Customers and Booksellers.  Ryan's poem didn't win according to the panel of Judges, but he's my favorite by far...




The little old lady

Who lived with a door,

She had no house

She had no floor.



::applause::  ::applause::  ::applause::


David<~~~~supporter of the Arts





Wednesday, May 9, 2007

Moving in...

Howdy Faithful Readers,

I am sitting in my new APT on a step stool typing this entry onto my laptop.  My GF and I had a blast at my Brother's Wedding down in the Redneck Riviera.  My only negative feedback is that I wish GM would install turn signals on the vehicles in Mississippi and Alabama, it sure would make driving in the South much easier.  I am in the process of hanging all my art, I'd take a picture but someone (and I won't name names but his initials are David Smith) dropped my camera and broked it.  Things are looking pretty good for ol' Dave right about...................NOW!



                               David<~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~Moving Fool!




Wednesday, April 18, 2007

I have signed a lease!

I've got no strings...

     I will get the keys to my NEW APT on May 1st!  David<~~~a little excited!  I have been running my poor Girlfriend all over town looking at end tables (I need two).  I'm also about to frame all of my artwork that I have been putting off getting done.  AND I leave for my Brother's Wedding in AL a week from today.  David<~~~a busy boy!  AND I got a HUGE bonus in my yearly evaluation.  AND my store is doing great!  Oh I know it's been a long time since High School, so here's a neat link to find out if you are still a COOL person...




DAVID<~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~I knew it would all turn around!



Sunday, March 25, 2007

I had a blast at the BLUE's game!


(David talking to his father as Tiff takes a pic on her cell phone)


Tiff had tickets to the Maritz Box Seats (We took a private elevator up to our private room).


DAVID<~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~SUCH a nerd!




Monday, March 19, 2007

New skirmish in my running battle with Dobb's Tire!



::making my hand into an imaginary gun and pretending to shoot at the idiots at Dobbs::


David<~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~Feudin' with the Dobbs Clan


(on a nicer note, Tiff got tickets to the Maritz Box Seats for the Blues game tomorrow night!)

Saturday, March 10, 2007

I stopped at Mickey Dee's on the way home from work!






                           David<~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~doesn't wanna be right!




Friday, March 9, 2007

"If I was a Rich Man..."

Opened the mail after work today and found a letter from my Corporate Office.  A quarter of my restricted stock will vest at the end of this month. 

                                            David<~~~~about to be a little bit richer!

Now all I need to do is find out how many stocks they gave me in the first place and I'm set!  LOL




               (why does the theme song from the TV Show "The Jeffersons" keep running thru my head?)



Sunday, March 4, 2007




She smiles at me

I smile back

I move towards her

she steps into my arms

I wrap myself around her

pressing her near

finding different ways

to embrace her

I hold her close

I breath in her scent

I close my eyes and smile

because she makes me happy

and the world revolves

and the sun shines

and I hold her close


David Austin Smith Feb 2007



(PANTS UPDATE:  I bought two new pairs of pants yesterday...38 inch waist)

Monday, February 19, 2007

It was a VERY nice time...

We walked the entire Mall, ate at Tony Roma's, I bought chocolate candy and we saw "MUSIC & LYRICS"...


It was a very enjoyable evening!


I went to sleep at 9pm, woke up at Midnight and watched a movie, now I can't get back to sleep and I have to be up at 6am to get to work on time...


I really like Tiffany, she makes me happy.


                                 (it's nice to look forward to spending time with someone again)


                  She reminds me of wind chimes..........I bought her some spring flowers today...............::grins::



(no new pants but I did buy a new belt!)




Saturday, February 17, 2007

I have a date!

I am getting ready to head out to the STL Mills Mall for the evening.  You never know, I might have a pretty girl on my arm as I stroll...


                                        David<~~~~~~~~~~~~needs to buy some new pants

Friday, February 16, 2007

I have my Forest Elf back

My ASM told my Head Cashier to bring the Forest Elf back because she knew it was bugging me.  It has several new tears and bad folds now and the support brace in the back is broken.  I took it out of my office where it reappeared and now have it in the back seat of my car.  I'm going to try and fix it and see if it will still "stand up" like it's supposed to.  I know they didn't take it to hurt my feelings. And I have been told by someone who is important to me who was at the party that they were just having fun.  But it does bug me.  It feels to me like when the idiots I used to hang around with in Mahattan KS (an awful town to live in BTW) took my baseball cap and set it on fire.  Different people, different time...


                                               David<~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~trying to let it go





Wednesday, February 14, 2007



A man of grey,
lives in the world today,
and he holds a secret.
He keeps it close,
safe near it's host,
his see-thru heart of clay.

Fired in the furnace,
polished and burnished,
with it's bright red coat of glaze.

If you hold it up right,
and peer thru the light,
the world seems almost ok.

Happy and carefree,
or so it seems to be,
till you notice the fray.

The missing pieces,
the fracture increases,
and it gives the repairs away.

He didn't hold on tight,
and it wasn't always right,
and sometimes it had it's way.

Leaping too soon,
his heart carried the tune,
and jumped to unhearing women.

He saw his love discarded,
unheard and disregarded,
much to his heart's dismay.

He winced at the sound,
of it breaking on the ground,
his see-thru heart of clay.

He knew what to do.
and reached for the jar of glue,
to mend it once again. 

He griped it tight,
it set thru the night,
and it almost seemed ok.

He tries to use more care,
a perfect heart it seems is rare,
and his has seen some changes. 

He's kept it on his sleeve,
not as safe as you'd believe,
and sometimes it got broken.

He's kept it locked away,
his see-thru heart of clay,
and it strained at the treatment.

Wishing to be free,
wanting the world to see,
the colors that it reflected.

He holds it up high,
so the light catches the eye,
revealing all his inner feelings.

All the fears and the worries,
all the love and the stories,
everything that he has to give.

You see I am the man of grey,
that lives in the world today,
and I hold a secret.

I have something here,
a treasure that I hold dear,
wouldn't you like to see it?

I'll reveal it to you this one time,
so you can hear it's shining rhyme,
this is what I have to show you.

My secret heart.
My imperfect heart.
My see-thru heart of clay.

(by David Austin Smith)


DAVID<~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~a lucky guy!



Saturday, February 10, 2007

She makes me smile!

It's funny how something as simple as a conversation can affect your mood.  I'm talking with Tiffany on the phone at this very moment, and she makes me happy...




Thursday, February 8, 2007

My "Forest Elf" is on vacation

I have a "Forest Elf" stand up that I keep folded up underneath my desk at work.  It was part of a promotion in my "Children's Dept", and I keep meaning to take it home with me.  It's sat under there for a long time and I forgot about it.  The other day I noticed it was missing and I thought "Great, someone threw it away".  I called my ASM and asked her where it went and she sheepishly told me that my Head Cashier has it with her on her Honeymoon and is going to set it up in various places and take pictures like the "Forest Elf" is on vacation.  Great.  Now I have to act surprised when it arrives back in my Office and they present me with the pictures.  I'd have rathered it never left underneath my desk..


David<~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~not so good at stuff like this



Tuesday, February 6, 2007


I Sleep in.  Get up and eat a Ham sammich with fresh fried chips (that I bought at the new Schnucks).  Watch some TV.  Tumble some clothes.  Wash some David.  Get dressed.  Worry about the location of the Divorce Proceedings.  Call the phone number on the notice.  Get an "AWAY" message.  Find my leather folder (it has my initials on it).  Put all my documents into the folder.  Call my ex-Wife for clairifacation.  She's already left.  I think I know where I'm going.  I bring a book to read while in the Courtroom.  Drive to Clayton.  Pass a building called "The Family Court Building".  Worry about the location of the Divorce Proceedings.  Try to call the phone number on the notice.  Accidently redials my ex-Wife.  Hang up embarassed.  Call the phone number on the notice.  Get an "AWAY" message.  Head to the COURTS Building in Clayton anyway.  Think to myself, "Don't forget to leave your pocketknife in the car" [The COURTS Building has metal detectors].  Put $2.00 in coins in the meter.  Walk to the COURTS Building.  Talk to the Deputy to find out if I'm in the correct building.  I am.  Empty out my pockets to go thru the metal detector.  Discover that I have forgotten to leave my pocketknife in my car.  Walk back to my car.  Leave my pocketknife in the car.  Walk to the COURTS Building.  Go thru the metal detector.  Take two escalators up to the 2nd Floor.  Find the correct Court Room.  I am early.  Enter the Court Room to find the Court Official is already speaking to the assembled petitioneers.  Sit down hastily so as to not interrupt her speech.  End up sitting directly behind my ex-Wife and her twin sister.  It puts them in a tizzy.  They whisper.  A lot.  I turn off my cell phone so it won't interrupt the Judge when he is speaking.  I read.  The Court Official has some questions about our paperwork.  We leave to meet in a small room at the back of the Court Room.  We answer her questions.  We are ready to go.  The Judge is explaining the procedures.  The Judge calls the petitioneers.  My ex-Wife's twin sister's cell phone rings and it interrupts the Judge when he is speaking.  The Ballif gestures for her to leave the Court Room.  She leaves.  I listen to the Judge speaking.  My ex-Wife's twin returns.  The Judge calls us up third.  The Judge asks my ex-Wife all the questions that are on the petition.  She answers "Yes" to them all.  The Judge asks me a lot of questions.  I answer "Yes Sir" to them all.  The Judge thanks us.  I am Divorced.  Walk out of the Court Room.  Drink at the water fountain.  Follow my ex-Wife and her twin down two escalators.  They stop outside in the freezing cold to huddle together and smoke.  I walk past and onto my car.  Get into my car and drive home.  I call all my Friends and Family and tell them the good news.  A song is bubbling in my heart.  And I smile...


David<~~~~~~~a single man again!


                        (to celebrate I fry two pork steaks, and have them with white gravy, toast and corn)


Monday, February 5, 2007

I couldn't wait any longer


I close my eyes and let her voice wash over me, roll my head like I'm in water, so smooth, and so comforting.  A sad thought, a soft word. I ride the wave that is her voice, the rhythm propels me along towards the horizon and she makes me happy... 


For those of you that know and love her, and for those of you that have never met her, I'd like to introduce...


Ms Nina Simone


"Like a flower waiting to bloom, like a light bulb in a dark room, I'm here waiting for you to come on home and turn me on.  Whoo.  Turn me on.  Whoo.  Turn me on.  Whoo.  Whoo.  The high-fi is waiting for the new tune, and my glass is waiting for some fresh ice cubes.  I'm just sitting here waiting for you to come home and turn me on.  Whoo.  Turn me on.  Whoo.  Turn me on.  Whoo.  Turn me on.  Turn me on.  Turn me on."














(Today at work, I popped off the "A", "S", and "D" keys on the keyboard, rearranged them, and popped them back into place.  My Office PC keyboard now reads..."DAS")


DAVID<~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~Ornery (but I'm smiling)


                                      (and that's gotta count for something)

The Night Before

It's almost over.  1:30pm tomorrow in the Court House.  I was going to get my suit cleaned but I changed my mind.  Suits are for making good impressions.  Sitting in a waiting room with my soon to be ex-Wife warrents slacks and a polo.  I'll be pleasant, it's how I am.  But on the inside...









(Originally I put "Laughing" then changed it to "Smiling" then changed it back to "Laughing", I didn't want to seem flip or mean, but I don't care, it's how I feel, I will be laughing, and it will feel GOOD.  I deserve some laughter after what I have been through...DAS)



Thursday, February 1, 2007

Just spent a couple of hrs going thru old entries on my journal...

poem for today


the day is short

the day is long

my time is now

my time is gone

I see before me

I see behind

I'm out of chances

I'm out of time

I turn to see it

I turn away

I look tomorrow

I look today

to find my love

to find my heart

it's time to quit

it's time to start

so say hello

or say goodbye

I'll never quit

I'll always try


( this is an old poem I forgot about earlier in my Journal... ::shakes it out to air:: )



::dancing with Nina::

Is is possible to fall in love with a woman you never met?  Never laid eyes on?  Even if she died in 2003?  Nina Simone really speaks to me.  Tonight I looked her up, she's black, and I have never seen a more beautiful woman.  I'm just now coming to appreciate what she accomplished during her life.  I am happily listening to Ms Simone at this very moment...

"I walked the lonely streets, I watch the people passing by, I used to smile and say hello, guess I was just a happy girl, and you happened, this feeling that possesses me, I just can't believe myself, I guess it all just had to be, I used to have a brain, I used to think of many things, I used to watch the falling rain, and listen to the sweet birds sing, and you happened, this feeling that posseses me, I just can't believe myself, I guess it all just had to be, every single word you hear now, it's coming right from my heart, this heart of mine, I've never felt like this before, a love like yours, so young and fine, now as I try to forget you, it doesn't work out anyway, cause I lost you such a long time ago, but in my eyes you'll always stay, and you happened, this feeling that possesses me, I just can't believe myself, I guess it all just had to be..."  NINA SIMONE



                          David<~~~~~~~~~dancing with Nina



Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Talking to a pretty girl...

Did I mention that I'm talking to a pretty girl?


David<~~~~~~~~~grinning like a loon



Friday, January 26, 2007


THIS I KNOW:  No matter how far you fall, no matter what has gone on before it is all fleeting.  In one single moment...a sound carried on the wind, a smell that brings back childhood memories, the taste of a new exotic dish, the smile of a pretty girl that is trying to get your attention; in one single moment, it is all forgotten...



David<~~~~~~~~~~~~likes smiling




Thursday, January 18, 2007

::the sound of wind chimes::

     Today at work I had a visit from my boss, first of two days and it went very well.  I leave work and scoot on home and as I get out of my car I stop and listen.  I swear I can hear it.  I walk over to my mailbox and open it.  Inside is the normal amount of mail, mostly bills for Ray, but the very last is one for me.  It's from the Court and I smile.  I take my treasure and walk up the drive grinning like a fool.  Inside I open the letter and I have a court date on Feb. 6th for the Final Divorce Proceedings.  I can't describe the amount of noise that I make, but after galloping around my house for a bit I stop in my kitchen and become very still... the sound of wind chimes fills my heart with joy.  If you stop and listen real carefully, you can hear me smiling even now.  I have my whole life ahead of me...



David<~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~a happy man




Sunday, January 14, 2007

Dancing in a Conga Line...

REMINDER One shouldn't brag that one didn't lose power during an Ice Storm, while the afore mentioned Ice Storm is still going on...


David<~~~~~~~~managed to 'CURSE' himself



Thursday, January 11, 2007

E. E. CUMMINGS wrote this poem...



i carry your heart with me(i carry it in

my heart)i am never without it(anywhere

i go you go,my dear;my darling)

                                                 i fear

no fate(for you are my fate,my sweet)i want

no world(for beautiful you are my world,my true)

and it's you are whatever a moon has always meant

and whatever a sun will always sing is you


here is the deepest secret nobody knows

(here is the root of the root and the bud of the bud

and the sky of the sky of a tree called life;which grows

higher than soul can hope or mind can hide)

and this is the wonder that's keeping the stars apart


i carry your heart(i carry it in my heart)






David<~~~~~~a very bad poet (but I love it so)



Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Thinking about revving up my Profile

I am not looking for the perfect woman, just the woman that is perfect for me.  I was a poseur till I figured out that the counter culture was just as snobby as the Frat Boys.  I worked for KB Toys for 14 yrs and I am now the Store Manager of a big box retailer.  Family is important to me, and I want one of my own (my biological clock is Big Ben)!  I am looking for a friend, a girlfriend, a lover, a fiance, a wife, and a mother for my children.  I have experienced failures in my life and many great successes, I prefer the latter.  I'm a pretty "Take Charge" kind of a guy ::shrugs:: it's what I am good at.  I always try to do the right thing, and I am polite to a fault.  I do not drink alcohol nor do I smoke.  In the group shot photo: it's Shamu, my brother's ex-step children, My Mom, and some goofy guy on the back.  I watch people.  The other day while driving, I saw a woman with her bare feet sticking out of the passenger window of the car she was riding in, and she was laughing.  Things like that make me smile...



David<~~~~~~~~~~~getting right back on the horse!

     (too goofy to know any better I guess)

Wednesday, January 3, 2007

Good News...Bad News



GOOD NEWS:  Phantom my gay stalker is MIA!

BAD NEWS:  Sunny, BA's Room Bull is still fixating on me...


GOOD NEWS:  I am down to 255 lbs!

BAD NEWS:  I'm going to have to buy all new clothes...


GOOD NEWS:  My divorce is almost final!

BAD NEWS:  It's time to start dating again...


GOOD NEWS:  I'm still an Atheist!

BAD NEWS:  Most of the women claim to be Christians...


GOOD NEWS:  I am seriousily attracted to women my age!

BAD NEWS:  Women my age can't have kids anymore...


GOOD NEWS:  I will never never never quit!

BAD NEWS:  The odds are NOT in my favor...









David<~~~~~~~~~~~~~~not letting the turkeys get me down!