Monday, January 23, 2006

Do NOT trust Dobbs Automotive...

Dobbs cheats their customers!


Please allow me to elaborate...


A while ago I spent over $700.00 at Dobbs Automotive having work done on my car.  I had a door handle fixed and new belts put on too.  A little while later an annoying screeching noise started coming out from underneath the hood of my car.  Worrying that I had a cat caught in my engine I opened the hood to find out that the noise was coming from the belts that Dobbs had put on.  Either one was loose or some bearings were going bad.  I also noticed that my previousily A-OK Wind Shield Wiper Fluid Reservoir had been broken from both of it's moorings to the car frame.  The top mooring had been broken as if someone was prying the Reservoir upwards (maybe trying to make more room for installing belts...Hmmmm?), the bottom mooring had been snapped off (as if the Reservoir was pried upwards in an attempt to make more room to work on the belts of my car...Hmmmm?).  When I finally took my car back in to have it looked at, Dobbs declared that one of the belts needed tightening and that my Reservoir was broken from age...::shakes head::  That is why I was dreading taking my car back in.  I knew they would lie and try to weasel out of fixing what they had broken.  The guy offered to throw in labor for free but I was going to have to pay for a new Reservoir.  Why offer to throw in labor for free if Dobbs had done nothing wrong?  My old Reservoir is working fine, it has just been snapped off of it's mooring to the car frame.  They slide a paper at me and wanted me to sign it for "picking up the car", so of course I read it, and it said that the Reservoir was broken because of age.  Very deceitful on Dobbs part.  Dobbs Automotive employs liars and cheats.  I admit I am not much of a "Car Guy".  Think about the most handy guy you know, the guy that always knows what is wrong with your car and offers to help you fix your car whenever it breaks down.  Imagine that guy standing next to you.  I'm the guy waving "Hello" to you from across the County line...  So now I'm writing an entry into my journal so everyone that reads this will know how Dobbs treats their customers (remember I have been going to them for 8 yrs now: tires, tune-ups, repair work, etc).  And I'm contacting Dobbs Corporate and letting them know what their guys are doing.  And I'm contacting the Better Business Bureau and filing a complaint.  And I'm going to tell EVERYONE I know this story for the rest of my life...what is that taste?  Allum?  Yes I am bitter, Dobbs made a BIG customer service mistake...



David and I'm grinning like a Great White Shark

                          ::big toothy grin::



I bought a new board game...

I bought a new board game... : hmmmmmmmmm I didn't know you could do this, very interesting... DAS

I bought a new board game...



I'm taking my car in today to get the whiney noise fixed.  I hope I don't have to argue with them, they broke the mountings on my wind shield wiper fluid container the last time I took it in.  The whiney noise is coming from the same area that they worked on last time so I don't know if it's a new problem or if there is a new issue with my belts.  ::SIGH::


i also need to buy some meeces for Mr. Grinch.  he is out, so that means in his mind he is hunting...silly frog!


                 DAVID on Monday at 10:48am and I will never give up...



Saturday, January 21, 2006

::feeling sorry for myself::


Q:  What is worse than having a crappy sex life for 23 years?

A:  Having NO sex life for the rest of your life...



David, and I feel the same, but I'm not...




Thursday, January 19, 2006

"All you ever do is Ride Around Sally... Ride... Sally... Ride..."



Last night I closed at my store.  Things went pretty good and I stopped at Micky Dee's on the way home and picked up some Chicken McNuggets for din din.  When I get home I'm emptying out my pockets onto the bookshelf:  Keys, Store Keys, Change, Pocketknife, Wallet, Cell Phone, Business Card Holder, Cash Pull Envelope with $300 dollars in it... Whoops..........................................


                                      (to quote Astro...RUT ROH!)


Fill my pockets back up like some OCD Kangeroo and drive back to the store to put the mula into the safe where it belongs, and I finally get back home at 12:30 am...




I never said I was smart, just really good looking...







It's 8:22pm and I have the next 5 days off from work...What kind of mischief can I get into?


David all day long...



(I walked 7.25 miles at work today)

Sunday, January 15, 2006

Using my Movie Gift Card...

I saw Hostel tonight.  It was disturbing.  The funny thing is that one of the extras in the film I recognized from a... ummm... site I go to.  Her pic is the one posted above.  "It's a small world after all..."


David on Sunday January 15th, and I should be doing my laundry...



Saturday, January 14, 2006

Marsha Marsha Marsha...::stomps foot::

I was mad about a long overdue expense check that I was owed, so my Boss came to the store to take me out to lunch.  We ate at the Chili's in the parking lot of my store.  On the walk back to the store, a girl calls out "HEY guy!"  I'm thinking NO ONE I know would call to me like that, but it might be one of my employees...  So I look over at the car pulling out from between Chili's and the Bank.  And the girl in the passenger seat flashes my Boss and I.  It was Friday the 13th with full moon that night...



David<~~~~~~~Chic Magnet










(9:18pm on a Saturday Night..."Do the Hustle"  ::dances on a lighted dance floor::)


Thursday, January 12, 2006

I worked the Music Dept inventory last night

...but I did walk 7.39 miles at work yesterday...what a hoot!


                                  David at 4:21pm Thursday

Monday, January 9, 2006

Did I mention that I bought a Pedometer?

I wore the Pedometer for the first time on Sunday and again today on Monday.  I left work early both days.  I walked 4.48 miles on Sunday while at work, and 5.75 miles today...



That explains why after I increased my calorie intake I still maintained my weight at the plateau of around 262 to 264...  I am doing a Marathon every day at work...


Sitting here contemplating my navel... Anyone want to knit a sweater?  David the Barbarian at 6pm on Monday evening...



Sunday, January 8, 2006

Another day, another dollar...

I was supposed to go play wargames with Geoff last Friday, but I was bushed after work so I just went home.  Tomorrow after work we might go over to Doug's house and get in some Gaming.  Geoff and Doug are starting up some WWII miniatures wargaming, and I am always up for gaming... David<~~~~~Nerd!

Mr. Grinch has a full belly....FULL OF BABY MICE!  lol I am SUCH an evil bastage...

I need a girlfriend, I guess I prolly should get a divorce first... ::sigh:: Women are such sticklers on little details like that...


10 pm and it's time for me to hit the sheets...



Saturday, January 7, 2006

::turns head left...turns head right:: Notice anything new?



I finally received the big order I put in on B&N on-line, and I picked up a few things on Friday and today... I am now the proud owner of:


The Complete Calvin and Hobbes (a book)

Eragon (a book)

Mr. Skin's Skincyclopedia (a reference book ::wink::)

Zulu (dvd)

Prince Charming w/ Bonus Tracks (a cd)

Our New Orleans (a benefit cd)

Jubilee (a soundtrack cd)

Our Endangered Values (an Audio cd)

A cool new tee shirt (::models it for the masses::)

5 undershirts

two pair of black socks

two pair of brown socks

black belt

brown belt (yes I bought them at Target...)


box of Q-Tips (and I got a smaller box for free!)

new toothbrush

loaf of bread

bag of Fritos

bag of crunchy Cheetos (a nerd's gotta eat)

and a small box of Amish Peanut Butter candy...


(it seems I have more money than sense)


My roomies have their cousins over and are playing Poker in the basement...  Lots of loud Silcians in Da Hoooooooooooooooooouse!  They just had an arguement on whose hand was higher Four of a Kind or a Royal Flush, so I looked it up for them.  Eegits are playing with two Jokers...TWO!  Jason will be moving out around the 20th of January and I will be moving into his room and keep my old bedroom as a "Den".  I can't wait to hang my artwork...



(continues on my rounds ::lights another gas lamp::)




update:  The cute little barber is STILL cute...

Thursday, January 5, 2006

Thursday Update

Yesterday was an interesting day...That is a Chinese curse..."May you have an interesting life"...LOL.  I goofed off till 3pm and then hopped into the nerd car to drive to work.  I drove around my neighborhood to look at a house for rent and I noticed a tan pitbull running loose.   "Hey, that's my neighbor's dog."  So of course I give chase.  'Precious' is a year old and a goofy stupid dog that I throw cookies to over the fence and I worry that she will get run over in the streets.  After about 5 minutes I catch up to her and get her attention and she recognizes me but won't come near the car.  An amused Arab man watches from his yard and a female jogger stops to help.  Precious LOVES the attention but won't get in the car, and keeps doing the "Chase Me Game".  I give up and drive to my neighbor to let them know their dog is loose.  No one home.  So I go raid the cookie jar and start back to find Precious.  After driving around for another 10 minutes I find her again.  I feed her the cookies and she calms down a lot.  She still won't get in the car.  I'm almost out of cookies and I turn to get the last two sitting in my coin tray and as my back it turned...Precious jumps into my car.  Cool.  I climb in after her and shut the door.  She devours the remaining two cookies and goes on a galloping tour of my car stepping on everything and everyone (and by everyone I mean me).  I attempt to drive her home and almost miss the turn because Precious insists on standing in my lap and licking me square in the face.  And for a short hair dog in the dead of Winter, she sheds a lot.  I pull into her driveway and I'm thinking, "cool, I can take her around back and hook her onto her chain and all will be right in the world.  Precious has a different plan.  As soon as her paws hit her own lawn she drops limp to the ground and starts whining like I'm killing her.  I'm holding onto the collar of a scared pitbull laying on her back with her tail between her legs.  Not good.  I kneel down on the wet lawn and try to pick her up to carry her and she twists out of my hands and runs off like Hell is on her tail.  This sucks.  Twenty minutes gone, and so is Precious.  I can't spend anymore time in the "Precious Hunt" so I jump back into my car and head out to work.  I still have time to get a flat top before I go in to close.  I arrive at the Barber shop and the guy that cut my hair last time is no where in sight.  I wait and a cute little girl comes back from lunch and PRESTO I'm her next client.  I think, 'she's as good as any other choice in the shop.'  She cuts my hair.  She is obviously new to the shop and takes a lot of teasing from the other barbers.  When she's done I look into the mirror.  NOT a flat top.  Kind of a crew cut, kind of.  She asks me how it looks.  What should I do?  Tell her it's not a flat top?  Tell her she screwed up in front of all the other male barbers so they have something else to tease her about?  I gave her a tip and left.  I will go to the barber in Arnold on Saturday and get it fixed.  David<~~~~~sucker!  So I finally arrive at work smelling like a wet dog with a mud stain on the knee of my pants and sporting a brand new bad haircut.  "A Pirate's Life for Me!"  ::dances a jig::


I am sitting here at 11:23am Thursday morning laughing at myself...

::shrugs:: She was a cute barber... ::grins::



Wednesday, January 4, 2006



I dreamed about three baby elephants swimming in the pool at the tropical resort I was staying at...


Analyze that!



Tuesday, January 3, 2006

Today is just another day

I am off today.  So I goof off around the house till 3pm, and then jump in the shower to knock the mud off.  Hop into my car and head out to get a haircut.  Almost at my work the car starts to shimmy, shake and make a weird sound.  I think, "Oh geez I knew I should have had that belt looked at Damn I'm probably losing my engine It's all my fault I'm going to have to buy an new car damn Damn DAMN!"  I pull over to the shoulder.  Pop my hood.  Get out with traffic 3 feet away from me racing past at 60 miles an hour and then notice my flat tire.  I think, "YAY!  It's only a flat tire!  I know how to fix that!  I can buy a new tire, I'm almost at the Dobbs right now!  yay, Yay, YAY!"  An hour later and 70 bucks lighter I pop into my store to show a co-worker the Maasai necklace my parents brought back for me from their African Safari.  I buy a Graphic Novel and plan to read it while eating dinner (my first meal of the day at 5pm).  I eat at the Chili's in front of my store.  My waitress's name was Jose, how cool is that?  As I leave the restaurant I breath in the clean crisp January air and notice how clear the night is and wonder at the 'thumbnail' Moon hanging over my store.  It looks great.  I realize I have been holding back some.  I'm afraid to like it too much.  I was laid off from a job I held successfully for almost 15 yrs and was fired from a job I barely got started at (grumble mumble morons grumble), so I realize I am being cautious.  If I don't commit 100% I won't be as hurt if things don't go as I hope.  Nice plan, too late, I love my store.  Love my company, love the people I work with.  I have a good life, I am a lucky 'some of a beeeeetch'...


David without his new flat top but with a new appreciation...


(and it's 8:21pm on a beautiful Tuesday evening)


I listen to NPR...



by Tory Dent

Only my mouth taking you in, the greenery splayed deep green.

Within my mouth, your arm inserted, a stem of gestures, breaking gracefully.

Into each other we root arbitrarily, like bushes, silken, and guttural.

Palaver, we open for the thrill of closing, for the thrill of it: opening.

The night was so humid when I knelt on the steps, wet and cold, of prewar stone.

A charm bracelet of sorts we budded, handmade but brazen, as if organic.

I cannot imagine the end of my fascination, emblazoned but feather-white too.

The gold closure of this like a gold coin is, of course, ancient.

Why can't experience disseminate itself, be silken and brazen yet underwater?

A miniature Eiffel Tower, an enameled shamrock, a charm owned by its bracelet.







                           i found out about her because she died last friday...



What I love about America...








What is wrong with America?



#1     Wal-Mart

#2     The Religious Right

#3     Lack of Education




(I will add things as I think of them...)

Monday, January 2, 2006

Sunday, January 1, 2006

jotting things down...

Today I hit a double feature.  I saw Memoirs of a Geisha and Chronicles again.  Memoirs is a great love story, but be forwarned.  This movie about prostitutes has NO nudity (grumble grumble mumble).  The other day my buddy Lynn dropped into the store and we went out for lunch.  She was the first person that knew me from before to see me lately.  First thing she said to me was, "you have lost weight"...::HUGE GRIN::  The other day I was leaving work and I pulled up to the stop light at the intersection in front of my store and I notice something rolling past my car.  It continued on past the two cars in front of me and then spiraled into a pancake spin like quarters do when they lose momentum.  I'm staring at one of my hubcaps.  "Damn, I have a nerd car again".  I'm tired, I should be in bed, but I'm not...


David at 11:52pm on New Year's Day, and my eyes are feeling heavy and I have this stupid slack jaw look on my face...

Happy New Year...




    ...Hello 2006!