Tuesday, November 29, 2005




I live inside my head

and dance in my imagination

imagining lives I might have lead

if I had indulged every infatuation


I live inside my heart

and think of things gone by

and wonder where I'd be

if I had only given it a try


I live inside my head

wandering down memory lane

looking at possible lives

if I'd sung a different refrain


I live inside my heart

not a bad place to be

I'm used to the company

David, myself and me


I live inside my head

but wish to travel else where

I look for new adventures

and paths to lead me there


I live inside my heart

and laugh out loud a lot

I smile at the possibilities

and am grateful for what I've got


I live inside my head

so please cut me some slack

come join in my adventures

I might not be coming back


I live inside my heart

and long for a companion

one who loves just like me

not afraid to jump the canyon


I live inside my head

seperate from most of the folks

I need a good hearted woman

who will laugh at most of my jokes


I live inside my heart

and invite you to come with me

as I walk the roads of whimsy

letting my mind loose to run free


I live inside my head

and I want you to come and see

won't you hold my hand

and dance right along beside me


Let's have some fun together

there's nothing at all to dread

Friendship, Love, and Laughter

just inside my heart and head...


I don't know when people read my journal

I was reading old comments that friends have left, it's nice to know when my Journal is read...


Here are some pictures my Dad took on my camera Nov 1st during my FRIENDS AND FAMILY event...



I'm editing my journal and cleaning up old entries...

My Heart Knows You


The random melody of wind chimes

swaying in the breeze

on a warm spring morning

that is how my heart knows you

The musical laughter of a little boy

as he watches a ladybug

take flight from his fingertips

that is how my heart knows you

The tiny flashes of light on wave tips

moving across an autumn lake

as the sun goes down

that is how my heart knows you

The stark outline of a bare forest

standing still and quiet in a field of snow

at midnight with a full moon

that is how my heart knows you


::checks my watch:: It's time to get a haircut!

I bought another belt so I have a brown one now (and black, it's reversible!)  David<~~~~Nerd.  My weight goal is 250, right before the holiday I weighed in at 260 (a new record for me), but I might have overeaten a teeny tiny bit at Geoff's Mom's house on Thanksgiving ::holds my fingers very close together and peeks between them::  ::shrugs::  It's a process and I am happy with the results so far, I can actually see me reaching my target weight.  Then I'll set myself a new goal...  ::wink:: LOL.  Before I never understood people who went on and on about their weight.  In my head I didn't think I could accomplish what they were doing, but now, I can see results and I have a taste of success.  ::BIG GRIN::  My store is doing pretty good.  I am not doing the volume I want but my people are doing a great job on selling Membership Cards (we are currently leading the Region in Membership Card percent (out of 125 stores).  Our lower volume makes the percentage higher when you divide it out (gotta love math!).  On GREEN FRIDAY we went in at 3am and opened the Cafe at 4am to sell to Best Buy's Early Bird line.  It was a huge success.  I ended up missing second place in volume by 971 bucks and if I hadn't been so stingy with payroll we could have done that easy.  I did open the store at 7am (we were supposed to open at 8, but I couldn't stand watching customers walk past my doors).  As soon as my Music Manager arrived I had him count down a drawer and we opened.  ::shrugs::  I had a visit yesterday by three of our Corporate Guys, one being a VP.  We did great.  I am very proud of my people, they are doing an excellent job.  This weekend there is a direct mail flyer going out to all the homes in the area around my store so that should drive business through my doors.  The above picture is of Mr. Grinch:  "Man's Best Friend", an Albino Argentinian Horned Frog!  I only have the one exotic frog at the moment.  I have been eyeing some Geckos...


David 8:26 on Tuesday Morning, in my sleep pants and wearing a tee shirt with a guy in a suit pointing to some words in an open book and the caption reads, "You're not only WRONG, the rules also say you're a DICK!"

Sunday, November 20, 2005

I have today off (well kind of...)

I didn't use the Noche Flamenca tickets that Christine gave me.  David<~~~~~~bad boy.  I don't like going to functions by myself...

Friday, November 18, 2005

a little catch up (or maybe mustard)

MY HEART FORGETS (version 9.0)

As light as a kiss brushing against my cheek
and from the edge a tear begins to leak
My heart forgets

As soon as a ragged heart can heal
and soft as a fingertip can feel
My heart forgets

As the recent pain is lost
and I fail to remember the cost
My heart forgets

As easy as a lace curtain blows
and quick as a mountain stream flows
My heart forgets

As subtle as the songbird sings
and bright as the light it brings
My heart forgets

As I begin a brand new day
and try to find a brand new way
My heart forgets

As my ears rejoice at the laughter
and my heart yearns for what comes after
My heart forgets

As simple as it is for me to do this
and as foolish as it is for me to do this
My heart forgets

As I strive to love again with all my heart
and I need to try again right from the start
My heart forgets

As my heart wishes for what it needs
And my heart again plants the seeds
My heart forgets

So if you see it wandering there
Acting as if it just hasn't a care
I really haven't lost my wits

You see it's just because
My heart forgets


I am a bit behind in putting my thoughts down on my journal.  I have been busy and AOL wasn't playing nice the other day and wouldn't let me add a new entry.  A lot has happened since my last entry.  I bought a new belt, I got tired of my pants falling off.  One of the crappy parts about losing weight is that your clothes don't fit anymore.  I have to buy new pants, none of my pants will stay on unless I cinch my belt all the way to my waist.  I hate wasting the money I paid for all my pants, ::sigh:: oh well.  I went out on a date last weekend.  She was nice but we weren't compatible.  I'm happy to report I can be taught.  LOL.  I spent 10 years of my life with Mary, trying to make her happy, all for naught.  Very little sex, NO marriage, NO children.  But Mary is a nice person, so she cut me loose so I could look for someone who could make me happy.  Then I go out with Natalie for a year, and eventually have to admit that I was not happy in a relationship with her (10 yrs cut down to 1, I'm improving).  Then I get married.  My wife was NOT a nice person.  I lied to myself and said "she will quit these behaviors when she realizes that I'm a nice guy and she doesn't HAVE to be this way...".  ERRRRRRRRRRRRRNG!  Thanks for playing.  I wasted less than a year on that attempt, so I am getting better.  I am not going to settle anymore.  NBD, no harm no fowl (quack quack).  So now I'm looking...AGAIN.  It still sucks to be alone.  Tonight I made the best bologna sandwich I have ever made.  Here is how you make it:

1)      Two pieces of Italian bread

2)     Two pieces of all beef bologna

3)     Mayo (no wimpy Mircle Whip for yours truely)

4)     Freshly ground sea salt

5)     Two thin slices of onion

6)     A bit of pepper 


(the trick is to put Mayo on both slices of bread... ::taps the side of my nose:: )


I had no one to take a bite of my sandwich with me, then I would have had confirmation that I had indeed made the perfect bologna sandwich.  One of the hazards of being single.  I watched Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind tonight.  I loved his attempt to hang on to the memories of the woman he loved. 

                           Never Never Never Quit

I have two tickets to see the FlamingoDancers tomorrow night, another sucky thing about being single, no one to go to functions with...  Ok time for the whiny part of this journal to end  ::snaps the clapboard on this production::


David 8:41 pm Friday November 18th and it's cold outside...


Tuesday, November 8, 2005

David has a day off!



A new day is dawning

the Autumn sun is shining

a crisp breeze is blowing

and November is smiling


New colors are showing

fall coats they're wearing

the trees are laughing

good times they're sharing


The wind is inviting

the trees are agreeing

the forest is dancing

and the leaves are leaving


I love this season

a special time I hold dear

Autumn is my favorite

favorite time of the year


So slow down a bit

and take a look around

stroll through the leaves

that have fallen on the ground


We have but a short time

to enjoy the season

so take a day off

can't think of a better reason




Thursday, November 3, 2005

Friends and Family went well...

The preview night and my Grand Opening yesterday went well.  I am very tired.  I filled up both of my memory cards in my camera, I will download them as soon as I have a bit of time and then post them on this journal...  Thanx to all my friends and family that turned up for the party, your support was appreciated!