Friday, October 28, 2005

The Inventory went well, I have A LOT of merchandise...



The Inventory went well, we started at 8am and finished at about 3pm.  38 Inventory counters and I had 35 of my folks there to help out.  I have a lot of merchandise dollars in my store... :)



Thursday, October 27, 2005

This morning I go in to oversee my inventory

I'll be glad when the inventory is over so we can get back to polishing the apples...

Wednesday, October 26, 2005








I drag my eyelids

across sand encrusted eyes

I push my body

before me throughout my day

I worry about things

that I have no experience of

I dread possible failure

and losing my job

I watch my people struggle

and I try to help them

I put on a brave face

and make light of my situation

I am a store manager

I push on...




Early in the morning and I can't sleep...








Thursday, October 20, 2005

I'll try to take pictures this morning of how far we are along with the store...

I try to weigh myself every morning so I have a consistent time of day to compare my progress against.  I am working a lot of hrs and not eating as much as I normally do.  I need to add in some walking and I might even ::gasp:: join a gym.  Weight training and martial arts are on my mind lately.  Who would have ever thought I would even consider joining a gym?  ::shakes head::



Saturday, October 15, 2005

Thursday, October 13, 2005

Monday, October 10, 2005



As light as a kiss brushing against my cheek
and when the edge of my eye begins to leak
My heart forgets

As soon as a ragged heart can heal
and soft as a fingertip can feel
My heart forgets

As the recent pain is lost
and I fail to remember the cost
My heart forgets

As easy as the curtains blow
and quick as a stream will flow
My heart forgets

As subtle as the songbird sings
and bright as the light it brings
My heart forgets

As I begin a brand new day
and try to find a brand new way
My heart forgets

As my ears rejoice at the laughter
and my heart yearns for what comes after
My heart forgets

As simple as it is for me to do this
and as foolish as it is for me to do this
My heart forgets

As I strive to love again with all my heart
and I need to try again right from the start
My heart forgets

As my heart wishes for what it needs
And my heart again plants the seeds
My heart forgets

So if you see it wandering there
Acting as if it didn't have a care
I really haven’t lost my wits

You see it’s just because
My heart forgets



We finish up the OPS portion today, books arrive tomorrow...

I ate two fortune cookies last night, this is what the fortunes read:











Sunday, October 9, 2005

And September Remains




The setting sun backlights

Pale lavender clouds

White edged against

A periwinkle sky

The sun dips below

Hiding behind the trees

A stark green outline

An after image of summer

And September remains


The leaves remember

Waiting for their chance

To travel on the wind

And gather with their kin

Returning to their autumn beds

Waiting for next year…

The season turns

The sun has set

And September remains



I took possession of my new store on Thursday ::jingles the store keys::

My new store is SOOOOOOOOO pretty...

Wednesday, October 5, 2005

Last night I attended the Grand Opening Party for our new store in St. Peters

Here are some pictures I took of the St. Pete party last night.

I am trying something new...

Howdy Faithful Readers,


    I am adding a new feature to my entries.  Every time I add a new entry, I will put my current weight in the second line of the Journal Title.  I am currently on the "Opening a New Store Jitters Diet".  LOL.  At my heaviest I was 318, I have lost a bunch of weight since starting on the New Store Opening process.  My goal is 250.  I have come to the conclusion that my fat belly is part of the problem of finding a new woman for myself (the other part is that I'm still married, gonna fix that soon).  So I'm focusing on my weight and trying to cut back on portion size and I'm working more hrs and that is helping a lot.  ::shrugs::  It can't hurt...



Saturday, October 1, 2005

Brian Setzer Rocks the HOUSE!


The Brian Setzer Orchestra was GREAT!  They only played for an hour [  corportate gig :(  ], but they were wonderful.  There was a Store Manager from NY that brought her black lace dress to the concert, kinda made it hard to concentrate.  Alan Alda was so personable in person.  I can't wait to read his book.  I fly back to STL tomorrow morning...


Whoops I forgot...

Tonight we have Alan Alda speaking to our Meeting, and The Brian Setzer Orchestra will play for us...


::lacing up my dancing shoes!::



Yesterday we had the Publisher's Rotations, Tradeshow, and the Author signings...

Yesterday was my busiest day at the Conference.  I was running till 10pm.  I did get to meet and have the following authors sign books for me:  Robert Hicks (The Widow of the South), Laurie Notaro (An Idiot Girl's Christmas), Terry Pretchett (Thud!), Vince Flynn (Consent to Kill), Mairia Kalman (Elements of Style), Christopher Paolini (Eldest), Bill Rancic (Beyond the Lemonade Stand {he's the winner of Apprentice}), Kim Harrison (Every Which Way but Dead), Brad Meltzer (Identity Crisis), and the lady who writes the "Angelina the Mouse" series (I already packed and shipped her book so I can't check ::sigh:: ).  I'm handing them out to my buddies, my Management team at the store, and the remainder I will hand out as prizes to my Booksellers...


::tired grin::