Wednesday, September 28, 2005

Made it here, everything is looking great

I am staying at the Westin Diplomat, it's pretty fancy smancy... here is a link if you want to see where I'm at, some goofball forgot to bring his digital camera...::sigh::

Westin Diplomat


yak at cha later gator...(get it? Gator, I'm in Florida....)



Monday, September 26, 2005

Tomorrow morning I load up and fly to Ft. Lauderdale

I load up tomorrow morning and fly to Ft. Lauderdale for our National Sales Meeting.  I'm going a day early because I'm a new Store Manager that hasn't been thru a Christmas yet with the company.  I will be bringing home LOTS of books to give away to my friends and give out as prizes during the training of the store's booksellers...




Saturday, September 24, 2005

We had our first Management Meeting in our new store...

On Monday there are 11 18-Wheelers arriving to unload the fixtures for the store!

Tuesday, September 20, 2005

Sunday, September 18, 2005

Lightning is striking all over town


And I Drive...


It's late at night and I'm in my car

the sky is uniform and dark

with the moon peering out between the clouds 

the storm is far away and doesn't concern me

something that happens to other people

and I drive...


My car smells new and clean

rolling whisper quiet along the highway

the world only exists inside my headlights

an explorer in the interstate darkness

traveling the space between lamp posts

and I drive...


In the distance an angry jagged line

touches down and jumps in place

burning an after image in my eye

pale white ghost of a lightning strike

so far away there is no sound

and I drive...


Catalina jazz is playing on my radio

I stop at a light, the only one here

watch the light change from red to green

then yellow and red again,  and I look around

I am all alone, no one to keep waiting

and I drive...


I pass other cars, other people

shining their lights past me

looking for their way to go

red eyes that retreat into the night

leaving me alone again

and I drive...


Far away lightning backlights the sky

showing me the outline of the storm

I check for my friend the moon

and he is there, smiling down on me

I turn my car towards home

and I drive...







I have been 40 for 12 hrs now ::shrugs:: it's no big deal...

I have been 40 for a little over 12 hrs now.  LOL...  My ex-fiance Mary called me last night to wish me a Happy Birthday, Jen a co-worker just called and my folks called too.  For a second I started getting down on myself over failed relationships, but then I remembered my greatest failure was also my greatest it all evens out...  I cleaned the bathroom, and I am going to clean out my car today and finally buy a hubcap for my ugly nekkid wheel.  I am SO not a car guy.  I may go out to eat this evening and see a movie.  I have to pick up Ray at the airport at midnight tonight, and I have an early Manager's meeting in the morning (HELLO 7am!).  All in all, I have a good life and I am happy to be in the game...


::throws the dice::




[David<~~lucky guy]



Saturday, September 17, 2005

The Dragonfly With The Shining Eyes


The Dragonfly With The Shining Eyes


The sights of summer call out to me

I hear the chorus of cicadas, the trill of the frogs

as I walk through the lush green of late summer

and then...

She flies into view

A beautiful Dragonfly, silver and black

sleek and fast as she bursts from the gloom

she flies to just within reach

and she stops

humming there in front of my face

watching me with her laughing eyes 

full of mischief and light

I want to reach out my hand

but I hesitate...

what if I frighten her?

what if she flies away?

I would never see her again

and that is something I cannot risk

so I sit


and I wait


content to be near

and waiting for the chance

to offer my hand

to the Dragonfly with the shining eyes




My Aunt Betty took me out to lunch today for my birthday


My Aunt Betty called and invited me to lunch to celebrate my 40th Birthday.  We chose the buffet at a truck stop in Gray's Summit.  Then we meandered through Shaw Nature Preserve, it was really pretty there.  I saw a Black Snake, but I wasn't quick enough with my camera to catch it on film.  Earlier this week I was feeling a little down about being by myself on my birthday, but I have preservered and I feel better now.  I will let you know if I feel different tomorrow at 12:01 am when I turn the big four ohhhh.  It could be worse...I could be unemployed, I could be in an abusive relationship, I could have cancer.  Lots of things to be happy about!  I have a poem rattling around in my head I may try to scribble down...



Wednesday, September 14, 2005

The Job Fair went very well!

I'm still a bit tired (9 to 9 was a bit long).  We found 93 people that we are interested in.  We have 12 or so applicants that we are interested in that had to leave and couldn't wait to be interviewed.  We are setting up interviews with those folks today.  I am very happy with how the Job Fair turned out...


Tuesday, September 13, 2005

I have my Job Fair today!

Today my management staff and I (and a few volunteers from other stores) will put on 100 associates for my new store in Fenton.  Wish me luck!



Saturday, September 10, 2005

I went to the Clayton Art Fair tonite...

I drove to Clayton to see their Art Fair.  I love art, and I have been meaning to see this fair.  I don't like to do stuff like this alone, so I haven't been before.  I forced myself to go.  I was hoping to see a friend that was supposed to go, but no such luck.  ::shrugs::  There were LOTS of great artists, bands and I saw a dance troupe called MadCo that were excellent.  Angels with dirty feet.  Clayton is pretty upscale and I felt a bit out of place.  A lot of silicone on display, enough to keep Mattel supplied in raw materials for a year.  A lot of older couples standing around reliving their Fraternity and Sorority days.  Not my crowd.  If you ever see me standing in a small group of people with a wine glass in my hand trying to keep myself from falling by grasping a linen covered cocktail table...shoot me.  I did see lots of paintings and photographs that I wanted, but I have no room to put them up.  I still have a ton of art I have already purchased that I need to frame...


Friday, September 9, 2005

I am wore the heck out!

I took my management staff over to Lynn's store (her's opens up a month before mine), to help unload the supply truck that arrived today.  It went pretty well, I am very proud of my folks...


When I was a kid in Ft. Leavenworth, KS. I entered the Ronald McDonald Happy Meal Joke Contest.  I sent in my joke, they liked it, put it in the jokebook that came free with a Happy Meal, and sent me some Ronald McDonald gift certificates totaling $5.00!  Hey big spenda...


"Did you hear about the Farmer that was outstanding in his field?"




::shrugs::  It still counts as a published joke! Hehehehe...

Tuesday, September 6, 2005

Monday, September 5, 2005

Labor Day Weekend Movie Marathon

This weekend I saw four, yes I said FOUR, movies.  In no particular order:

The Cave...started off in a nice manner but the suspension of disbelief after a while could have spanned the Atlantic Ocean (the Suspension of Disbelief Bridge!).  Basically an Alien rip-off with shades of Species, been there seen the monsters already...

Undiscovered...A nice little romantic romp.  Boy Meets Girl, Girl Falls for Boy, Boy Falls for Girl, Intervening Cirmustances Prevent Love Affair, Love Conquors All...::bats eyes::...

Broken Flowers...A wonderfully dry ::spits dust:: comedy about past lovers staring Bill Murry ::standing ovation::...

The Constant Gardener...The best of the lot, Finnes' best work since the English Patient.  Excellent love story, with intrigue, murder, spies, and Corporate Greed thrown in for good measure.  EVERYONE should go see this movie...

Saturday, September 3, 2005

My See-Thru Heart of Clay

My See-Thru Heart of Clay


A man of grey

lives in the world today

and he holds a secret


He keeps it close

safe near it's host

his see-thru heart of clay


Fired in the furnace

polished and burnished

with it's bright red coat of glaze


If you hold it up right

and peer thru the light

the world seems almost ok


Happy and carefree

or so it seems to me

till you notice the fray


The bits and pieces

the fracture increases

it gives the repairs away


He didn't hold on tight

and it wasn't always right

and sometimes it had it's way


Leaping too soon

his heart carried the tune

and jumped to unhearing women


Saw his love discarded

unheard and disregarded

much to his heart's dismay


He drops to the ground

frantically groping around

trying to save the day


He winces at the sound

of it breaking on the ground

his see-thru heart of clay


He knows what to do

reaches for the jar of glue

to mend it once again


He grips it tight

it sets thru the night

and it almost seems ok


He tries to use more care

a perfect heart it seems is rare

and his has seen some changes


He's kept it on his sleeve

not as safe as you'd believe

and sometimes it got broken


He's kept it locked away

his see-thru heart of clay

and it strained at the treatment


Wishing to be free

wanting the world to see

the colors that it reflected


He holds it up high

so the light catches the eye

revealing all his inner feelings


All the fears and the worries

all the love and the stories

everything that he has to give


You see I am the man of grey

that lives in the world today

and I hold a secret


I have something here

a treasure that I hold dear

wouldn't you like to see it


I'll reveal it to you this one time

so you can hear it's shining rhyme

this is what I have to show you


my secret heart

my imperfect heart

My see-thru heart of clay