Tuesday, August 30, 2005

Lost In A Circle

Lost In A Circle


i was lost in a circle

couldn't see my way out

i ran to get to out of there

ended up just turning about

i was lost in a circle

could hear her angry shouts

worthless stupid and unloveable

always ready for another bout

i was lost in a circle

trying to talk my way free

explaining loving and comforting

wasn't something she liked to see

i was lost in a circle

wearing a rut into the floor

round and round the same issues

i just couldn't take it any more

i was lost in a circle

the only one trying to hold on

thinking she'd change her assaults

when she realized the need was gone

i was lost in a circle

wearily i trudged along

i'm not the divorcing kind

but the abuse was just plain wrong

i was lost in a circle

till i realized this one thing

I am worth loving

I am worth more than this ring

now I'm not lost in a circle

all I had to do was stop

stop taking all the insults

stop taking all the chops

the chops to my ego

the chops to my pride

the chops to my self

the chops out of my hide

I'm not lost in a circle

I still hold the institution dear

I just need to find a better woman

one to love and hold me near

I'm not lost in a circle

I'm just looking for the one

the one to hold my hand

the one to bear me a girl and a son

I'm not lost in a circle

I think marriage is just fine

I'm not lost in a circle

and I will have a family that is all mine...




Sunday, August 28, 2005

The Evansville Training trip turned out ok...

The first day I was standing outside my Hotel waiting for my ride.  There was a large colorful butterfly circling the flowers next to the sidewalk.  I watched him for 10 minutes.  That evened up the score from the rest of the issues of the Evansville trip...





Tuesday, August 23, 2005

Someone figured out how to use the "Macro" feature on his digital camera...

The Evansville Training Trip is cursed, CURSED I SAY!

Well I made it to Evansville finally, it's starting to look like a Hee Haw episode..."If it weren't for bad luck, I'd have no luck at all".  Here is a running total of the issues I have run into trying to go to this training...


1)     The Regional Asst. forgot to book my travel arrangements two weeks ago

2)     Due to interviewing management candidates my training was delayed by 1 week, so I was not prepared to go to Evansville and get my MOD training

3)     My Mod training is delayed one week

4)     My expense check from my first training trip had not arrived, I have to pay for meals and other expenses out of pocket so I was not prepared to go to Evansville and get my MOD training

5)     My paycheck did not arrive last Friday so I was not prepared to go to Evansville and get my MOD training

6)     My paycheck did not arrive last Saturday so I was not prepared to go to Evansville and get my MOD training

7)     My paycheck finally arrives yesterday, delaying my departure for Evansville by one day

8)     The airlines loses my luggage, they promise to deliver it to my room at my hotel

9)     The room was not direct billed correctly so I had to wait 45 minutes till I could check in

10)    ???


[tune in faithfull readers for next's week's episode "David gets food poisoning in Indiana"]




Monday, August 22, 2005

I found this picture on the internet

So You know...


Walking along a hedgerow

passing by the gate you know

Spying a little man just so

working on a shoe you know

Know of him by his clothes

get my share of loot you know

Catching him before he blows

gonna get some gold you know

The lies he tells sure do grow

never set him down you know

Clutch him close till he throws

down his beloved pot you know

Snatching pearls up in a row

Grabbing lots of gold you know

Set him down, now he blows

Yes I'm rich so you know

As he leaves a curse he throws

bad deal I made so you know

Now all my life is full of woe

tricky he is so you know

Now my beard it does grow

nothing left to have you know

Curse the day I met this Trow

ruined my life so you know...



Tuesday, August 16, 2005

New pictures of my store in Fenton

The Union is picketing the Old Navy, they are using non-Union workers...

Last night, Ameren UE came and fixed the downed powerlines in my backyard!

Fey Little PowerMen


In the middle of the night

hiding and just out of sight

The fey little PowerMen did appear

With a twinkle in their eye

and without as much as a sigh

My problem they did make disappear

Bounding from my sleep I awoke

and my 'tricity was no longer broke

The little PowerMen must have drawn near

the tree had been whacked

and the wood had been stacked

I have nothing else left to fear

So thank you to Ameren-U-E

for fixing my toppled tree

In my heart I will hold you dear...



Isn't LIFE interesting?


I received an email from a guy interested in using one of my photos...

(he writes)


I am designing a new brochure for the non-profit Edison-Ford Winter
Estates Foundation, the brochure is for fundraising purposes.  I am
having trouble finding a good picture of the banyan tree that we can
get to quickly and I saw your great photo online.  I would like your
permission to use your photo in the brochure.  As the designer, I
cannot offer you anything in return other than a few copies of the
brochure and bragging rights.  Interested in telling everyone that you
are a professional photographer now?


::laughing as I spin round and round and round...::



Monday, August 15, 2005

Mark was in a Motorcycle accident

I found out yesterday that my brother Mark was in an accident.  He lost control of his Motorcycle on a hill during a turn.  He struck some rocks and a tree.  His bike was totaled.  Mark suffered from short term memory loss at first and has a swollen ankle.  Lots of bruises and cuts...



48 hrs later, and my power is back on!

We had a HUGE storm blow thru on Saturday and it knocked out the power to my neighborhood.  I just...NOW...got it back on.  LOL!  Here's hoping my food didn't ruin in the fridge...


Here is a poem I wrote today sitting on my back porch while watching the rain come down...





-tap  -tap  -tap


the rain comes down

like a constant reminder

keeping an irregular beat

on the porch’s tin roof


-tap  -tap  -tap


the chimes hang silent

their voices stilled

by the grey lined day

no breeze to wake them


-tap  -tap  -tap


a flock of geese

graze the meadow beyond

silently browsing past

searching for their next meal


-tap  -tap  -tap


they move left to right

like keys on an old typewriter

occasionally stretching and calling

reminding themselves of who they are


-tap  -tap  -tap


the stale smell of tobacco

lingers near the ashtrays

reminding me of old revelries

when cards were last dealt


-tap  -tap  -tap


men laughing at jokes

humor spreads round the table

like a bottle of wine

passed from friend to friend


-tap  -tap  -tap


the geese pause and turn

and work their way back

like the tide retreating

from a shell tossed beach


-tap  -tap  -tap


an unseen siren cuts the grey

warning of possible danger

as it speeds to it’s destination

an appointment in the rain


-tap  -tap  -tap


scratchs my pen

as I sit here safe

sheltered from the rain

watching it all unfold


-tap  -tap  -tap


the toppled tree balances

across a live power line

like a circus high wire act

that has forgotten it’s finale


-tap  -tap  -tap


in the distance I hear

a small gas generator

coughing and complaining

about it’s dwindling fuel


-tap  -tap  -tap


the cadence of rain

the chimes slumber still

the geese have flown

the smoke still lingers


-tap  -tap  -tap


the circus continues

the storm has passed

the watcher gazes

and the rain comes down








Wednesday, August 10, 2005

I ran into a College friend of mine today...


I'm sitting there in the Cafe, interviewing a candidate for my new store and I happened to see her walk up to the Newstand.  There is no mistake.  I excuse myself for a second and call out her name.  Yep, it's Marlene.  She looks great.  After the interview we chat and catch up on our lives.  I got to meet her son Clayton, great kid.  I try to be a good person, but today I didn't fare so well.  Listening to Marlene talk about her family I was jealous, and on the ride home I got to feeling sorry for myself.  Seeing Marlene again was like looking into an alternative dimension, what my life could have been like...


Marlene stuck an entry in my Webshots Guestbook!


Tuesday, August 9, 2005

His name is Brian


His name is Brian


His name is Brian

he looks like me

a little fella

just turned three

He laughs a lot

and runs around

sometimes trips

and hits the ground

I pick him up

and I dust him off

wipe his tears

and send him off

I love my boy

he is my life

but in order to have him

I need a wife

Brian's just whimsy

Brian's just a thought

I really love children

I think about it a lot

I hope to find her

Brian's Mother's near

I can just feel it

a woman to call me dear

I want to build a family

I want to start my life

So Brian if you read this

I guess I found my wife

So go hug your Mother

and tell her she's great

Without her here

It would have been too late

I love you Brian

I love you my son

I couldn't wait to see you

now let's go have some fun...





My car works now...


DAVID<~~~~~~~~~has air conditioning and a working driver's side door handle

Sunday, August 7, 2005

I walk at night...


I walk at night...


I walk at night

and dream my dream

to love and laugh

at all it seems


In my dream

I hold your hand

We walk together

across the land


Our hands together

our hearts are too

we stroll along

the whole night thru


We talk of things

the stars above

our family together

the children we love


We walk all night

our shoulders touch

I dream my dream

I dare too much?


I hope to find you

and fulfill my dream

so we can walk together

all night it seems


So say hello

if you see me there

walking alone

without a care


It will be at night

with the stars above

looking for you

my long lost love...





(can I BE any sappier?)

For Patsy...

Thursday, August 4, 2005

Just got off the phone with Dobbs...

A plastic part came off of my car's engine and in turn knocked three belts out of place.  I am also getting my driver's side door handle fixed so I don't have to climb in thru the passenger side like some kind of backwoods bootlegger... It's going to be expensive... ::sigh::!


The good news is that I will have a working air conditioner again...Yay!  No more sweating thru my shirts driving to work.  :)



I forgot to mention it...


My little brother Mark is on a Motorcycle trip thru Nova Scotia as I type...

I have included a link to his site underneath the list of my favorite sites on the right side of my journal if anyone wants to watch his progress across Canada...




David<~~~~proud of my brother




My Cafe Training is going well...


I was sweating this part of my Training because I don't drink coffee...lol!  But so far things are going great.  The very first thing I did was pump a flavor shot into a cup too hard and had it splatter ALL over my white shirt...::sigh::  Watching me make drinks is like watching a Neanderthal sitting on the cavefloor banging two rocks together...


Tuesday, August 2, 2005

Hoist the ol.....Jolly Roger!

Adam penned this little diddy...









and if you find a better way,

pick up the phone and shout!


This is from a song by Greg Khin (I believe it's part of an old sailor's song)


For ashes make the flowers grow!

Throw down your blood red roses,

Throw down...



(I'm in a Pirate kind of mood...)