Sunday, July 31, 2005

I'm supposed to be doing laundry for my trip tomorrow...


They are also building a Chili's and a Bank on the backside of the parking lot...


Saturday, July 30, 2005

The Pillars of Familiarity


The Pillars of Familiarity


The Mediterrian wind blows, the olive trees sway

and off in the distance the Sea sparkles

a brilliant blue, and I smile

Looking down, I see the tops

of the white washed homes

in the tiny little village

perched on the hillside far below

I can't hear their shouting

I can't see their tears

and I have only

the memory of the hard times

a shadow of a frown

that disappears in the noontime sun

I turn to the ruins, and I smile

broken rocks scattered in a circle

with four columns defying the heavens

still standing despite all these years

all the storms

all the wind

all the tears

they are weathered and cracked

white against the pale blue blue sky



The Pillars of Familiarity

my support in times of trouble

I read what is written on each Pillar

one word only

etched in stone





I walk the circle

and run my hand across each in turn

I know the cracks

I know the missing parts

and I love them all the more

and they love me

My Pillars

My Family

I settle down inside the stone circle

and I open the basket

and remove my lunch

and set it up just so

and I enjoy my time

on the Mountaintop

in the sun

amoung the ruins

in the circle of

my family

and I smile...




My new favorite joke from this week

I have had so many people apply for the Community Relations Manager that I could take them all down to a small South American country and stage a coup.  I had so many Pharmaceutical Representatives apply that I would win...    

Work is going great

Today I am off.  I spent the better part of last week in interviews looking for my Management Staff.  I have found some, but I haven't even spoke to all the Community Relations Manager Candidates yet...

Next week I will be at Mall Of America for my Cafe Training.  So that puts a monkey wrench in my hiring plans.  I need my Management Staff on board so they can help me interview for the 70 or so Associates we will need to put on to help open the store the first week in November...::sigh::

I am really enjoying my new position.  I am really tired from sitting and talking to folks for 12 hours. I am really excited about my new job...


::tired contented half grin...::



Monday, July 25, 2005

I almost forgot...

As I was organizing the applications and resumes today I kept having to clean them off...


All the resumes and applications smell suspiciously like Cracker Barrel Peanut Butter Cups...



Things sneak up on you

I spent all day long going through applications getting ready for my second round of interviews tomorrow.  I organized, I culled, I called...

When I arrived home I checked the mailbox to see if there was any mail for me but it was empty.  I looked to see if Ray had put any mail I might have received in my room, but nothing.  I microwaved three brats for my dinner and I remembered that I had forgotten to return a phone call from one of my old KB Toy's Managers.  So I call Linda and am chatting away about her life since KB Toy's bankruptcy and I carry my brats and huge glass of ice water into the living room.  She is telling me about her medical issues when I notice a FedEx mailing envelope sitting on the coffee table.  It's addressed to me.  Linda's Crone's Disease is getting worse and I am talking to her about that as I open the zip strip and remove a slim little envelope from the mailer.  I stare at the envelope and my forebrain does not register what it is yet.  I fold one edge and then another as I remove the edges along a perforated line.  My eyes betray me as it finally registers what I am holding.  I'm listening to Linda in my left ear, holding my very first paycheck in my right hand, and bawling like a baby all at the same time. 

Things sneak up on you...


Losing your job

Getting a divorce

It makes you doubt yourself a little

When things go right

it just feels so good...




Sunday, July 24, 2005

Working for a livin'...WORKING!

I had a job fair on Thursday.  I interviewed from Noon till 8pm straight through.  My butt hurt from sitting and my face hurt from smiling.  I did get some good candidates though.  Tomorrow I do the calls for the 2nd interviews.  I need to fill the following positions: 2 Assistant Mgrs, 2 Dept. Heads, a Cafe Mgr, a Music Mgr, a Community Relations Mgr, and five full time Sale Lead Positions...::sigh::...that is a lot.  Monday will be a busy day!


PS:  I also have to hire a Receiving Mgr and 2 Head Cashiers...

Tuesday, July 19, 2005

Completed my first day of training...

I trained over at the Crestwood store today.  It takes a lot of energy to pay that much attention...LOL!  I went with the Store Manager that is training me to see my new store.  It looks great, no sign on the front yet, and the workers are still building the store on the inside, but the outside is finished!  I am fired up...


Had an incident today on the way home from training...


You know what is worse than having your passenger seat filled with manuals and training material?

(When you take a sharp turn and it all falls on the floor)


You know what is worse than that?

(When the falling material dumps your peanut butter cups from Cracker Barrel onto the floorboard)


You know what is worse than that?

(When you scoop up all the peanut butter cups and have to pick off dirt and hairs)


You know what is worse than that?
















(When you eat them anyway...)




Whoops, correction...

I don't know where I got it from, but the new store they are building for me to manage is in FENTON (not in Ellisville).  ::sheepish grin::


Monday, July 18, 2005

What a hoot!

If you do a search for "Sanibel Island Lighthouse Pictures", my Webshots Album is at the top of the list...LOL!  What a hoot!  I knew that they showed up on a Webshots search, but I didn't know if you did a Google search they would pop up at the top of the first page...::puffs up like a peacock!:: 




Driving to Waco

Driving To Waco


The sun blankets the scene

as I drive across the plain

I squint against the glare

as I fight against the strain

The sadness washes my vision

as I fight back the tears

I can't see the road

as I fight back my fears

I listen to the radio

as I remember all my trials

tightly I grasp the knob

as I flip thru the dials

I have come thru the storm

I have come thru the glare

I listen to the songs

I listen and I share,

I have lots of love to give

and lots of life to live

I have lots of time to share

and lots of time to care

so listen to my story

and listen to my fear

I have all my life to live

and happiness is quite near

thank you for your concern

and thank you for your time

I will be alright

and I will be just fine...


Sunday, July 17, 2005

LOL, today is my first day on the job...

Howdy everyone!


I'm about to hop into the car and drive to the Dallas/Ft. Worth Airport to fly back to St. Louis.  I meet the other Store Managers and my DM at a meeting near the STL Airport tomorrow.  I am VERY fired up!  I would like to thank all my friends and family for their support while I went thru the last 8 was greatly appreciated.


Friday, July 15, 2005


OK, here we go...


On Monday I flew into Chicago's O'Hare Airport and met Karen a Regional VP for an interview.  It went VERY WELL.  She wanted me to fly to Dallas to meet Allan the District Manager for St. Louis.  I flew into Dallas/Ft. Worth Airport on Wednesday and interviewed with Allan.  It went VERY WELL.  My Dad then picked me up at the airport and I have been spending a Mini-Vacation on the Ranch here in Texas (Photos to follow).  This morning Allan called me and offered me the Store Manager position for the new store they are building out in FENTON.   :)


I have been through a lot lately, and it feels good to get some good news for a change.  I am ecstatic...



Sunday, July 3, 2005

I have a job interview coming up in Chicago...

I have a job interview on July 11th or 15th coming up.  I call the Regional Office on Tuesday Morning to get the details.  I hope I don't have to drive...