Tuesday, June 28, 2005


night driving

at night
when the streets are wet with rain
I climb into my car and drive
leaving my cares behind
the city is shiny and new
and whisper quiet
like it has never seen pain
silently rolling
watching the world pass by
and all things seem possible
even for me...

Monday, June 27, 2005

One more load to go...

Only one more load to pick up at my old place, pay for the divorce and it's all over baby...


(It's going to be a good year)



Tuesday, June 21, 2005

Hauling my stuff over to my new place...

I'm making trips daily to get my stuff over to my new place...anyone want to help?   LOL...moving sucks!

Tuesday, June 14, 2005






All the planes have landed

all the people have gone

back to their houses

their curtains are drawn


The Shops are closed

their gates are down

the walkways empty

no body around


The Airport is quiet

not a person in sight

only the Janitors are

up this late at night


The TV's are off

the music is low

if anything's happening

only Security'll know


The carpet is swept

the tile is shining

the Eateries are closed

there'll be no more dining


And here I sit

the earliest riser

six hours to departure

and none the wiser


The weather delayed me

my plane had flown

stuck in the Airport

I might have known


At A-Fifty-Five

I sit and wait

the first customer at

this particular gate


So I'm killing time

with my pen in hand

waiting to fly back

to my own land


St. Louis is calling

it's Detroit I'm leaving

a good night's sleep

is what I'm bereaving


So I've set the alarm

on my pocket phone

please do wake me

if it's ringing alone


So that's my plan

I'm sticking to it

listening for the announcement

I don't want to sleep through it


So if you see me

nodding there

please do wake me

from my slumbering chair


I'll be your buddy

I'll think you're real neat

for the St. Louis flight

I need to be on my feet


I appreciate the help

I appreciate the hand

to get me back to

my own land



Friday, June 10, 2005

a cypher if you will...

A= @

C= <

D= >

E= 3

H= #

I= !

L= /

N= ^

O= *

S= $

T= +


(all the rest of the letters are the same)

I finally got my itinerary for my Sunday flight to NJ

I went by my old house today to pick up some things for my NJ trip and to grab my frog.  Madie stood at the top of the stairs and smiled at me and giggled.  I am going to miss her.  It is hard for me to go over there, it breaks my heart. 

I fly out of Lambert Sunday evening, and get into NJ at 10pm and then turn around and have 8 hrs worth of interviews starting at 9am...YIKES!  Tomorrow I'm doing a little secret shopping of the stores in STL, so I can speak intelligently about the District's issues on Monday...

I'll be home Monday evening around Midnight...


They are spending close to $800 bucks to ship me out there, I will knock their socks off...








Friday, June 3, 2005

Not going down to AL

I don't feel up to driving all the way down to AL.  I called my folks and told them I wasn't coming.  My heart isn't in it.


Thursday, June 2, 2005

the damn site counter reset itself...

I noticed the other day that the site counter on my Journal had reset itself.  I was up to over 1200 visits and <WHAMMY>, back to zero.  And another thing, this damn Journal sets all the fonts to black when it archives them, MY BACKGROUND IS BLACK! 


...fu<k!^g $+up!> AOL.



going on a mini vacation to see my family

It looks like I will be driving down to see my family.  My cousin is getting married and everyone will be there.  I didn't send in my RSVP thingee (I didn't think I could go), so I can't attend the actual wedding (it's aboard a cruise ship) but I will be able to see my folks and my brother, and everyone else.  I might be driving my Grandmother down, it depends.  LOL, there is a joke there that I am leaving alone...  My interview is the week starting June 12th.  I am due some good news...LOL.


See ya later...

::makes that shooting gesture with my hand::