Sunday, November 30, 2003

Saturday, November 29, 2003

I seem to be stuck on a fey line of thought...






(I didn't write this, it's an old ryhme)

Friday, November 28, 2003

a bit of whimsy before I sleep...

Another Green Friday come and gone, and I'm still standing.  Now to bed with meself....




(but first a bit of whimsy...)




Faerie Ways


Sitting on

a thistletop

Brownies inspect

their flower crop

One for love

Two for laughter

Three for the children

the Pixies are after

Standing under

a mushroom cap

Farie rades

with quill they map

First they dance

Then they glimmer

All about the night

they shimmer

Under hollow hills

they dance

Nothing will they

leave to chance

Kiss them yes

Trust them not

or a handful of leaves

is what you've got

Hang the red ribbon 

above your door

and they will trouble you

never more


(dedicated to Brian Froud and Alan Lee)


Thursday, November 27, 2003

Wednesday, November 26, 2003



"Never never never quit"    Winston Churchill



Tuesday, November 25, 2003

That empty sick feeling in your stomach...






I break the seal on the wrapper of cards, and open the box.  I take out the jokers and discard them, I won't be needing them.  I throw away the rules and thumb thru the deck.  I start building.  Balancing first two cards against each other.  Then adding on to it to form a first level.  Anxious, I start on the second level.  Is it too early to build my House of Cards so tall?  I press on, and almost finish the second floor when the phone rings.  I can hear what she tells me very clearly.  And the cards come tumbling down.  The hope of what I could build is now a random pile of suits, some face up, some face down.  All spread flat across the floor.  I shouldn't have thrown away the rules, and come to find out, the Joker is me.

Monday, November 24, 2003

To know where you are going, you have to know where you come from...

My Mother's father was named Lewis. I have always called him Pap-pa. He was a veteran of Anzio BeachHead in Italy during WWII. He carried a bullet in his leg underneath the skin till the day he died. As kids he would let us feel it and you could move it around a little. It felt like a small marble to me. He was a great man and an excellent farmer.

He was so important to everyone who ever met him. I will never forget driving with him in his pick-up truck with a bed full of tools and junk. We would drive out to look at the fields and we would talk and talk. He would pull over on the side of the dirt road and get out. While talking we would walk out into the middle of his field and pull a single weed that had the nerve to poke it's head up since the last time he had checked. He would shake the dirt out of it's roots and toss the weed into the ditch. This happened so often that I never gave it a second thought. Only later did I realize that not all farmer's fields were as free of weeds as Pap-pa's.

I remember visiting an elderly couple to buy some brown country eggs from them. They did not have much and lived in a sharecroppers house left over from when people still lived on the land that they farmed. Pap-pa told me no matter if I wanted one or not, if they offered me a bottle of coke I should accept it because refusing would insult them. He would visit with them and ask about their children and buy eggs from them because he told them that he could not get eggs like theirs in town. Then we would leave and on the way back to his house in town we would run into someone he knew and he would tell them that he had these extra eggs and give them away. Whether or not it was pecans he picked up from his wood-lot, sweet corn he grew just to give away or brown country eggs, Pap-pa was a generous man. I miss him so much

Deb sleeping against my chest

Sunday, November 23, 2003

Sunday morning, I'm up early...




Up the airy mountains,

Down the rushing glens

We dare not go a'hunting

For fear of little men

No one ever goes in

No one ever comes out!


(the Tinkerer from Willy Wonka And The Chocolate Factory)



::swinging my pocketwatch by it's chain::

 "You   are   getting   very   sleepy...

 "You   are   getting   very   sleepy...

 "Sign   my   guestbook......................."

::snaps fingers::



Friday, November 21, 2003

I fought the law and I won!

Yay!  My bank made a mistake and took $700.00 out of my account.  Ouch!  Somebody else wrote a counter check and the cashier put down my account number instead of the correct one.  I'm so glad I am a big guy with distinctive handwriting (so they could check the camera logs and look at the check to verify my sig).  I found out as I was making a purchase at Walgreens.  Not cool.  The one good thing was I finally signed up for on-line banking and I was able to find the error and badger my bank till they gave me back my money and took off the $150.00 of overdraft fees!  I fought the law and I won!  A big hug and kiss to Deb for her help with setting up my account (imagine a Neanderthal sitting on his cavefloor banging two rocks together, and you have a pretty good idea of me on my laptop!).  I am fired up!  Now to pay some bills...

Thursday, November 20, 2003

November Winds

November Winds


November winds do blow cold

when they come on like a sigh

And drops of rain look like tears

as they trace a pathway from my eye

Watercolor clouds obscure the sun

as they paint the evening sky

And I know that

without my love

like the storm

I must surly die




Wednesday, November 19, 2003

I liked the way this looked...

running the gauntlet

Do not speak to Goblin men

Do not buy their fruits

Who knows upon what they fed

Their hungry thirsty roots


I didn't write that, I read it in a book on Faries.  This is a picture of a goat tree.  They grow in Texas.  Last night I ran over to Deb's house when she got home from work at 2am.  Tee shirt, sleep pants and slippers seemed ok at the time.  Not so ok this morning at 7am running the gauntlet of my neighbor's stares walking back into my place.  Whoopsidoodle!  Time to get ready for work...


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Tuesday, November 18, 2003

Hello My Name Is...




I listen for her in the dark of the night

and she sounds like comfort

and we fit


I lay next to her in the dark of the night

she brings me peace

and we fit


I reach for her in the dark of the night

her hand finds mine

and we fit


I feel her in the dark of the night

her body keeps me warm

and we fit


I sleep next to her in the dark of the night

she calms my dreams

because we fit



At The Edge of the Woods

At The Edge of the Woods


I stand at the edge of the wood

peering into the evening light

I know you are in there

and I worry about you


I pace at the edge of the wood

staring into the evening gloom

I know you are in there

because I can hear you


I rush about at the edge of the wood

calling into the deepening gloom

I know you are in there

and I want to help you


I wait for you at the edge of the wood

listening for your voice from within

I know you are in there

because I was lost too


I prepare a place for you at the edge of the wood

waiting for you to find your way

I know you are in there

and I want to hold you


I shine a light for you at the edge of the wood

holding it high for you to see the way

I know you are in there

Because my heart tells me



Wearily I Move About

Wearlily I Move About


Wearily I move about

surronded by myself

Looking at other people's lives

at other people's choices

And I stop

And Listen

to their laughter

to their tears

And I think

I made choices that left me here

Wearily I move about

And I watch

And wonder

What choices I have left


And The River Will Find Me

And The River Will Find Me


The river is wide and slow

It flows from me and to me

I move with it

Slowly so I can see

Clearly why it is here

I watch the people

As they come into view

And turn lazy circles

In it's embrace

I see them for a short time

And when I come around again

They are gone

So I continue on

Waiting for the next bend



ALONE ( Parts 1 and 2 )




                   I AM


                   I GO


                   I SEE


                   I KNOW


                   I THINK


                   I FEEL


                   I CRY


                   I HEAL


ALONE (Part Two)

I will not die if I am alone

(it just feels that way)


My Heart Knows You

My Heart Knows You...

The random melody of wind chimes

that are swaying in the breeze

at dawn on a Spring morning

That is how my heart knows you...

The musical laughter of a little boy

as he watches the Summer's first ladybug

take it's noontime flight from his fingertips

That is how my heart knows you...

The tiny flashes of light on wave tips

shimmering as they move across the sea

as the Autumn sun sets behind the horizon

That is how my heart knows you...

The stark outline of a Winter forest

standing quietly on a blanket of snow

at midnight under a full moon

That is how my heart knows you...

No matter where ever you are

No matter when ever you go

I promise to find you


My heart knows you


I Dreamed Of You

       I Dreamed Of You


        I dreamed of you

 Just a glimpse I remember

      Looking so beautiful

   Such a silken presence

 Just a glimpse I remember

        I dreamed of you



Wherever I May Find Her

Wherever I May Find Her

The grace in her fingertips

The laughter in her eyes

The strength in her arms

The music in her voice

The poetry in her heart

The comfort in her soul


I look for these things

Wherever I may find her



There Is A Tree Outside My Window

There Is A Tree Outside My Window

There is a tree outside my window

it stands tall and proud

crowned in leaves of gold

standing in the chill wind

swaying in the breeze



It has a story to tell


There is a man behind the window

he stands tall and proud

crowned in hair of grey

standing amidst the pain

surviving the tears



His story isn't finished yet



The Promise to Myself

I am a big ol' honkin' nerd ::beep beep:: Be nice, this is my picture from a dance a long time ago (JCHS class of 83'). I will be mainly putting poems on this site. And some of my photographs as well. Here is one of my poems...

The Promise to Myself

A circle of gold upon my finger

a promise to myself

Two hands hold my heart

wishing for love

Hoping for loyalty

sending my heart out

Sometimes to far

seeing it cast aside

Holding it close again

to keep it from harm

It's time to turn my ring again

Because I will never quit

looking for her

And I will keep

the promise to myself